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  • Daniel Vivas

    quiero grabar un disco de musica contry pop como taylor swift y mi mayor deceo es que usted sea el que dirga mis videos musicales porfavor ayudeme y rresponda mi mensaje lo mas rapido posible

  • Howard Loomis

    Did you get my shit?
    1877-0615, A Family is Destroyed.
    Chief Joseph sees a man, wife and 2-daughters walking on Nez Road. WAR attack them. Joseph sees a Christian cross tattooed on the man and lets him go.
    Warriors rape the 3-women, 2-are killed, Maggie-11 is kidnapped and added to the 15-hookers. She will a warrior’s wife in Montana.
    1877-1015, Maggie is rescued. Maggie was tortured by the Nez squaws. Worried she will get them in trouble, squaws cut her tongue out and broke both arms, now she can’t talk or write. Damn good Idea!