Coolio Selling Off His Music Catalogue (Because He’s A Chef Now)

By August 21, 2013

“As I walk through the valley in the shadow of bread, I take a look at my loaf and realize it’s lacking depth…”

Just kidding (not really).

You may know Coolio for hits like “Gangsta’s Paradise,” “C U When U Get There,” “Aw, Here It Goes” (the theme from Nickelodeon’s “Kenan And Kel” show) and of course…”Fantastic Voyage.”

But over the years, Coolio’s had another passion…and he’s gonna sell his music to pursue it.

Ya heard me.


Coolio (who likens himself as the “ghetto Martha Stewart” or “black Rachael Ray”) started cooking as a kid, learning how to make dishes from “simple ingredients” and over the years culminated into quite the passionate hobby.

Back in 2008, he launched “Cooking With Coolio” on My Damn Channel, teaching peeps how to make fusion dishes like “Soul Rolls” (egg rolls made with chicken and cheese), “fork steak” and other odd things that actually taste pretty dang good together.

Here he shows you how to make “Swashbucklin’ Shrimp.” (NSFW for language)

Most didn’t know about Coolio’s culinary side until his appearance on last year’s “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off” (Food Network) and came in second to Lou Diamond Phillips, which seems like the final push he needed to pursue cooking full time.

If you’ve got approximately $134k – $225k laying around, Coolio’s entire music catalogue could be yours. Coolio says he’s auctioning off said catalogue so that he can write a sequel to his cookbook, appropriately named “Cookin’ With Coolio” as well as launch an(other) online cooking show – with way better production values and less f-bombs, I’m hoping.

C’mon, everybody! Let’s pool our money and buy this shiz!

Come along and eat all my fantastic fromage!

Heh heh, Coolio food puns.

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