COULD Ed O’Neill Be On The Walking Dead Someday?

By November 20, 2012

Could Ed O’Neill appear on the zombie apocalypse hit The Walking Dead someday? It’s entirely possible and if TWD creator/executive producer Robert Kirkman gets his wish, it’ll TOTES happen.

In a recent interview with Marc Malkin at E! Online, Kirkman admitted that he’s a huge fan of O’Neill’s (best known as culture icon dad Al Bundy from Married With Children) and his love of his work.

“I would just love to meet him. If I had to put him on The Walking Dead to do that, I totally would.”

While Kirkman and co. have WISELY avoided stunt casting (casting well-known movie/tv stars in bit roles for one or two episodes to boost ratings), he’s admitted make a special case for someone like O’Neill and while he feels someone as awesome as O’Neill (seriously, check his IMDB) could play a charming yet devious character like The Governor, hasn’t hit him up with the idea of being a part of the TWD tribe just yet.

But it’s not because there’s not a role for him, it’s because Kirkman knows O’Neill has quite a bit on his plate with the multi-award winning ABC show, Modern Family (where he resides as the old-school patriarch, Jay Pritchett).

“I think he’s more than busy on Modern Family right now,” Kirkman said. “I wouldn’t want to steal him away. He’s too important to Modern Family.”

If and when Ed O’Neill does appear, I know it probably won’t happen but when I first learned that Kirkman wanted him on the show someday, first thing I imagined was Al Bundy getting that look on his face before saying the BEST two words on the planet:


Let’s rock, indeed.


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