Cover Your Heart And Rejoice, Indy’s Staying A While! Lost Ark IMAX Theater Run EXTENDED!

By September 14, 2012

In 1981, I was 5 years old and I am lucky enough to say I did indeed see The Raiders Of The Lost Ark in theaters at that young age. It was previously announced here that Indy was to have a limited run in IMAX ending on September 13th to tie in with the Blu Ray release of Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures. I have to admit, I was briefly face meltingly (meltingly?) enraged since deadline had passed and like a dumbass lazy person, I missed the window to get out and relive the majesty that is this film.

Well I’m pleased to say that the kind people at Paramount Pictures got with the program and extended the theatrical run for Dr. Jones’ first go-round to 300 screens across The U.S. and Canada. Let’s all rejoice and go see this movie, shall we?


Check your local listings, or you know, just run into a random movie theater with a hat and bullwhip and demand to see it. I’m sure that’ll work too (probably not).

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