‘Covert Affairs’ Recap: “Hang Wire”

By September 11, 2013


Some mistakes can never be undone.

Teo’s off to Denmark to kill Henry Wilcox, and it’s up to Annie to stop him. Posing as a journalist, she boards a flight to Copenhagen and tracks down Henry; he’s in a park with a group of SolStar executives. Annie catches sight of a glint of light from a building in the distance: it’s Teo, preparing his sniper rifle. She fires her gun into the air, causing chaos – everyone scatters, and Teo’s chance is ruined.


He flees the building, leaving his rifle behind, and Annie chases him through the streets and onto the rooftop of another building. Annie pulls a gun on him, but he won’t relent. Desperate, she tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him from her life, but he jumps from the building, making his escape in the water below.


Unfortunately, the Danish police arrive at that moment, arresting Annie. It isn’t long, however, before they are told to let her go…but by whom?


Henry Wilcox sits in a car outside, demanding that Annie come with him. She agrees only after several of his goons flank her, and they drive to a building beside an airfield. There, Henry hands Annie binoculars; the SolStar executives and the US Undersecretary of Energy are boarding a small plane. Across the way, the man who drove Annie, Teo, and Eduardo off the road is holding Teo captive. He knocks Teo out, and fires one of the stolen missiles at the plane, placing it in the operative’s hands after the fact.


Henry lets Annie go, but it’s too late; the damage has been done. She wakes Teo, and they flee the scene, but, in trying to steal a car, Annie accidentally sets off the alarm. The police fire shots at them, and Teo is hit in the leg. He has less than twelve hours to live without treatment, and Joan advises Annie to cross the border and go to a US military base in Germany.


Back in the States, Arthur is preparing to confess all of his sins; he finds a highly recommended lawyer and spills the beans about Teo. As long as Teo has not killed a US citizen, then Arthur won’t be tried for treason (so, perhaps, it is good that Annie saved Henry from him after all?). But just as they sit down with a sympathetic Assistant Attorney General, Arthur gets a call; Teo’s been wounded. He dashes off to meet Annie and his son in Germany, helping them to the emergency room on the military base.


Meanwhile, Calder’s been detaining Auggie, who remains tight-lipped and convinced that the head of the DPD is in Henry’s pocket. He’s proven wrong, however, when Calder insists on cracking the code on the flash drive; Auggie assists him, and the picture of Henry meeting with Eduardo is revealed. Joan is furious at Calder’s actions, and she threatens punitive action. Even though they’re no longer convinced that Calder is working for Henry, Joan and Auggie still aren’t sure they can trust him.


Still, the damage has been done. Thanks to the missile (which had previously been in Annie’s possession) being fired, Annie and Auggie are now under review. Of course, Annie is still out of the country; rather than returning to the US to give her statement as she’d been advised, Annie is determined to track down Henry and whomever he’s meeting with next. With Interpol hot on her heels, will Annie be able to make it out in one piece?


And what of Teo? Sadly, Arthur’s son does not survive; as Henry Wilcox speaks, live on television, about vengeance, Arthur gets the terrible news. RIP Teo Braga.