‘Covert Affairs’ Recap: “Here Comes Your Man”

By August 14, 2013

Calder’s shifting the balance at the DPD, and it’s no accident: he’s working for the nefarious Henry Wilcox.

Six weeks from now, Calder will shoot Annie dead in an elevator. Until then, he’ll stop at nothing to make Annie and Auggie’s life miserable.

First step: Remove Auggie as Annie’s handler and take over the job himself. Step two: Send Annie on a dangerous mission to Vienna and demand radio silence between the two.

Auggie, of course, isn’t one to comply with such an insane order…especially when his girlfriend’s life hangs in the balance. He does some digging, and discovers that Stavros, the arms dealer Annie’s been sent to meet, was once a CIA asset under the control of Henry Wilcox. Calder is none too pleased that Auggie’s defied his orders; he authorizes a previously declined project for Auggie to do in order to keep him busy and out of the way.

Annie insists on going through with the mission, and stages a meet with Stavros at an opera. She slips a stolen treasure into his pocket, and they make a deal: she’ll sell him the rest of the lot in exchange for half a million dollars.

Stavros and his goon meet Annie the next day, and he double-crosses her, pulling a gun. Still, Annie has a trick up her sleeve; she’s withheld the most expensive painting from him, and will only give it to him if he a) lets her go, and b) gives her some business. Stavros gives her one day to find a buyer for a set of 25 missiles.

Calder sends in an operative to play the role of buyer, but he can’t get his cover down in time. Annie cancels the mission, but Stavros’ bodyguard chases her through Vienna. He pulls a gun; she knocks it away, and they struggle. Annie is knocked to the ground, but before he can kill her, a new buyer appears to save the day: Teo Braga.

It’s Auggie to the rescue. He brought in the legendary Puma – and Stavros will, without a doubt, believe that Teo’s a real buyer. The sale goes off without a hitch, but Teo draws his gun and kills Stavros and his bodyguard in their apartment. Annie is furious; she still has no idea what Henry was up to. Teo reminds her that he has a different mission; he couldn’t let Stavros sell weapons to the ALC terrorists.

Back in the States, Annie claims that she killed the pair in self defense. Does Calder buy it? And, more importantly, will Henry Wilcox? Our favorite villain interrupts Annie and Auggie’s sexy night in to inform her that Seth Newman’s body was found…and that the FBI is searching for the killer. Henry walks away, but someone is following him. Who is stalking Henry…and why?