‘Covert Affairs’ Recap: “Into The White”

By July 31, 2013

Annie returns to Columbia in an attempt to turn Teo; Joan vies for the DCS position.

Arthur informs Annie that Teo isn’t truly a member of the ALC. Rather, he’s a deep undercover operative – off book – who went dark after killing the man responsible for his mother’s death. Auggie worries that Teo has gone rogue, but Annie refuses to believe it. She returns to Columbia, and Teo brushes her off…but not before she plants a tracking device on him.

Annie goes to the Sheriff for help bringing Teo in from the cold. They raid an ALC stronghold, and Annie stops the Sheriff from killing Teo in the nick of time. She confronts him alone in the interrogation room, but Teo kicks her and escapes. Annie realizes who the ALC’s planned targets are: a group of executives arriving at a hotel in town. She finds Teo with a sniper rifle across the street from the hotel, and threatens to shoot him. He tells her to trust her…and shoots the chauffeur: an ALC suicide bomber. Annie gives Teo a burner phone, and they agree to keep in contact.

Back in DC, Joan meets with the Senate committee about a potential promotion. Senator Pierson is skeptical of Joan’s abilities; after all, she says, she got to her current position thanks to her husband’s influence. Worse yet, Pierson says, Joan was unaware of Arthur’s (fake) affair; how good of a spy can she really be?

Auggie tells Joan that Seth Newman was one of Henry’s moles, and that Annie was forced to kill him. His body is still missing somewhere in the Potomac (which leaves one to wonder if he’s really dead), and Annie didn’t have time to clean up Seth’s apartment. Joan volunteers to do it for her; while she’s there, she discovers a plethora of files…including an some incriminating photos of Senator Pierson. The following day, she slips them to the Senator, who recuses herself from the hearing, and Joan is made DCS. Her excitement is dampened, however, when she discovers a note of congratulations from Henry Wilcox.

Annie informs Arthur that their mission was a success; not only is Teo still on their side, but he’s given them new intel, and is now going deeper undercover. Annie returns to DC. When she knocks on Auggie’s door, he asks if she’s brought his favorite shirt back home. She strips it off, and they kiss.