‘Covert Affairs’ Recap: “I’ve Been Waiting For You”

By September 5, 2013


Annie and Teo learn more about Henry Wilcox while she and Auggie redefine their relationship.

Just because they’re no longer a couple doesn’t mean that Auggie and Annie can’t work together. Auggie heads over to her new apartment to show her his impressive new CCTV interface, and they agree to use it to track down Teo Braga. She meets with him in Europe, and asks for his help getting information from captured ALC terrorist Eduardo Vargas…who was photographed with none other than Henry Wilcox himself!


Calder, unfortunately, has gotten his hands on photographs of Annie and Teo. He wants to launch a full scale investigation, but Joan cuts him off at the pass. Annie is no longer working for the DPD – she’s now directly under Joan’s purview.


Annie brings Teo to meet with his father, but the reunion is bitter. Pent up anger pours from Teo’s lips; Arthur, he says, “is the worst mistake [his] mother ever made.” He wants his father out of his life for good, and he’s determined to finish his mission. Still, Arthur is grateful for the meeting. And because this family dynamic isn’t awkward enough already, Joan shows up later that night to pay Teo and Annie a visit. She gives Annie the necessary paperwork to get Eduardo transferred from the detention facility, and Annie punches Teo in the face a few times to make his cover more convincing.


Just as Annie is getting ready to pull away from the detention center with Eduardo in tow, Calder shows up! Annie manages to avoid him and picks up Teo, who tricks Eduardo into a confession. Not only did he meet with Henry to purchase missiles, but Henry has been funding ALC missions for quite some time…including the attack that killed Teo’s mother.


Before Teo has time to process this disturbing new nugget of information, someone runs them off the road. Annie and Teo manage to escape the truck, but their enemy shoots the gas tank, blowing it up and incinerating Eduardo. Teo’s mission takes a new turn; he’s going to take out Henry.


Calder shows up, and Annie disappears into the forest, where she calls Joan and apprises her of the latest turn of events. Unbelievably, they now have to protect the nefarious Henry Wilcox (or is Annie really just trying to protect Teo from himself?). Annie returns to her apartment only to find that it’s been ransacked. She hurries to Auggie’s and warns him; CIA cleaners are coming, and he needs to wipe his hard drive.


Auggie tells Annie that Helen was wrong about everything; spies can have relationships after all. They kiss, and Annie flees the scene before Calder and his goons come bursting in. They tear the place apart until they find Auggie’s safe, and, inside, the stolen hard drive containing evidence surrounding Seth Newman’s death. Satisfied, Calder informs Auggie that his actions will have consequences…and proceeds to have him carted off.