‘Covert Affairs’ Recap: “Rock A My Soul”

By August 8, 2013

Secrets put Auggie and Annie’s relationship in jeopardy; Teo’s intelligence leads Annie to a pair of Chinese nationals.

Joan announces that Auggie will be replacing her as the interim head of the DPD. Annie is upset he didn’t tell her first; it’s just one more secret he’s been keeping. His promotion complicates matters further: as her boss, he now has final say over her missions.

Eric Braithwaite – whom Joan beat out for the DCS position – confronts her in the hallway, annoyed that she unilaterally chose Auggie for the job. He accuses her and Arthur of staging a takeover, and when she reminds him that Arthur no longer works for the CIA, he informs Joan that her husband is currently in her office.

Intel from Teo leads Annie to follow Wendy and Xu Chen, a Chinese diplomat and businessman, respectively. The CIA sets her up in an apartment next to theirs; she stages a meet at the mailbox, but Wendy gives her the cold shoulder. That night, Annie follows the Chens straight to a covert meeting with Henry Wilcox. Lurking in the shadows, she brushes against the tree; Henry looks around, but she hides. The Chens make a deal with Henry to disappear, but Annie isn’t buying it. There’s no way Henry will let them just walk away. Still, Auggie forbids her from trying to turn Wendy.

The following day, she meets Henry by the Lincoln Memorial; she tells him that she let Teo Braga go in order to stop a terrorist attack. Henry, in turn, tells her that Auggie fell off the record for six months in 2006. Auggie is angry that she deviated from their plan of what she would tell Henry. Annie asks him about 2006, but Auggie remains tight-lipped. Frustrated Annie tells him that they “might keep secrets for a living, but [they] can’t keep them from each other.”

Defying Auggie’s orders, Annie confronts Wendy in the elevator. She tries to grab a file from Wendy’s bag; Wendy alerts security, and Annie is detained. All is not lost, however; Annie manages to snag Wendy’s SIM card, and they track down Xu. Braithwaite arrives, ranting about the surveillance on the Chens. Auggie puts Braithwaite in his place, but later admonishes Annie for going off book again.

Defying Auggie yet again, Annie tracks the Chens to a train station, where she helps them escape from Henry in the nick of time. They’re put in a safehouse…and Joan reveals that it was authorized by Auggie.

That night, Auggie meets with Teo, who is in DC. Later, Auggie explains to Annie that during the six months unaccounted for, he was training Teo off-book, alongside a partner/lover, who was killed in a botched mission thanks to Teo’s bad intel. Annie assures Auggie that he “will never lose [her] by telling [her] the truth.”

Henry confronts Arthur over breakfast, where he threatens his family and reveals that he knows Joan is pregnant. Arthur goes to see Joan, and she invites him to move back in.

Annie arrives at the safe house with coffee for the Chens. The bloodstained curtains cover a more gruesome scene – the CIA bodyguards’ corpses strewn across the floor, and the Chens, dead in each other’s arms. Braithwaite uses their murder to relieve Auggie of his post, and replace him with Calder Michaels…”the Sheriff” from Colombia.