‘Covert Affairs’ Recap: “Space (I Believe In)”

By August 21, 2013

Covert Affairs - Space (I Believe In) 1

Annie’s in way over her head, and Henry Wilcox is pulling out all the stops to turn her to his side.

With the FBI investigating Seth Newman’s death, Annie’s in a bind. Agent Rossabi’s on the case, and he trusts Annie about as far as he can throw her. He smells a cover-up and, with DNA evidence left under Seth’s fingernails, it’s only a matter of time before he hones in on our beloved heroine.

Covert Affairs - Space (I Believe In) 2

Auggie is scrambling to help; he tries to hack into the FBI database to manipulate the DNA results, but has no luck. Still, there’s hope; if they can find evidence connecting Seth to Henry (thus proving he was a mole), then Annie’s in the clear. Annie swipes a water-damaged thumb drive from evidence, replacing it with a fake. Meanwhile, Auggie brings a team to pull information from Henry’s car; can they prove that he and Seth were at the same location numerous times?

Covert Affairs - Space (I Believe In) 3

Not at all. They find a single, remote location that Henry’s been visiting on a weekly basis…and it’s Jay’s old camping ground. Henry’s still grieving over his son, and, according to Annie, that’s what makes him dangerous. “Greed can be bought, and anger cools, but grief? He’s never gonna give this up.”

Covert Affairs - Space (I Believe In) 4

There’s a hit on Seth’s credit card…and it leads them to a drug dealer. A shoot-out ensues, and Rossabi and the dealer take a tumble off the balcony, killing the latter. Despite Calder and Rossabi quite rudely asking Joan about her experiences with Seth with Narcotics Anonymous (so much for anonymous…), Rossabi isn’t convinced. He still believes it’s an agency cover up. And when he discovers that Henry and Annie have been communicating by phone, he’s furious.

Covert Affairs - Space (I Believe In) 5

Rossabi pays Henry a visit, but it doesn’t end well for him. Using Rossabi’s own drug and alcohol-addled past against him, Henry turns the FBI agent. Rossabi alters the DNA results, and tightly tells Annie that the drug dealer was Newman’s killer.

Covert Affairs - Space (I Believe In) 6

Furious, Annie goes to Henry. He set her up…so that he could save her. But Annie won’t let Henry play the hero and turn her too; she gives him back a check he’d given her for her services and storms out. Henry tells her she’s chosen the wrong side. He tells Annie to ask Auggie about his ex, Helen Hansen…and to ask if he’s spoken to her recently.

Covert Affairs - Space (I Believe In) 7

Is Helen still alive? And, if so, why is Auggie lying? If their relationship comes crashing down, will Henry be able to lure Annie to the dark side?