‘Covert Affairs’ Recap: “Vamos”

By July 19, 2013

What a difference four years makes. When “Covert Affairs” first began, Annie didn’t carry a gun, and her skills as a field agent were shaky at best. Now, she’s going toe-to-toe, James Bond style, shooting people point blank.

Or, rather, she will in ten weeks time. This season’s covert affairs begin in the future, then take us back to the present.

Auggie and Annie wake up after a night spent making love. Annie reveals what she learned from her meeting with Henry Wilcox; Arthur has been seen with Puma, an ALC terrorist…and, with Auggie’s help, set up a Colombian bank  account in his name. Annie flies to Colombia with Auggie hot on her heels.

Annie sets up a meeting with the adulterous bank manager, but he is shot at their meet point. The head of the CIA’s Columbian branch ushers Auggie and Annie away, but they play dumb.

A man withdraws all the money from the bank account. When Auggie and Annie follow him, he shoots, wounding Auggie. Before they can escape, the Puma’s men grab them. The Puma – aka Teo – pulls the bullet from Auggie’s shoulder, and sends them on their way with a warning…and a note asking to meet.

Auggie wants to end the mission, but Annie sneaks out to meet Teo. Immediately, they are shot at. Teo tells Annie that the blood is on Arthur’s hands, and that he’s burned his bank account – he won’t need Arthur anymore. Annie has no idea what any of it means; later, however, Auggie tells her the truth. Teo is Arthur Campbell’s son.

And speaking of Arthur: Henry Wilcox is pushing him out of his position at the CIA. He holds a conference; he’s resigning…due to an affair. Is this affair real, or merely an excuse to leave with Henry breathing down his neck and threatening to expose whatever’s going on in Colombia? And does Joan (who is revealed to be pregnant!) know anything at all? It certainly doesn’t appear that she knows of either the mission or her husband’s son.