‘Creed’s’ Ryan Coogler Back in Negotiations for ‘Black Panther’

By December 4, 2015

A while back, a rumor dropped from Heroic Hollywood that Creed and Fruitvale Station director, Ryan Coogler, was in the mix to direct Marvel’s Black Panther. This after many, many attempts were made by the studio to bag a director of color. Ava DeVernay and F Gary Gray were both mentioned on the short-list as well and it seemed Marvel was dead set on making sure a black director would take on a black superhero.

ryan coogler featured imageCoogler made the most sense; he was young and on the rise. He had critical praise for Station but the word was still out on Creed. Well, guess what? Creed destroyed the box office and has been universally praised. Now, it makes perfect sense that he has backed into negotiations again with the superhero studio. Rightly so. Birth Movies Death is the latest online source confirming the news. Which was promptly backed by well respected trades. As of this writing, I’m pretty sure the deal is done. Only a matter of time before Marvel confirms the ‘get.’

Here’s BMD:

For Marvel Coogler represents another step forward in filmmaking; he’s got awards buzz and his stunning work on Creed shows he has style. More than that, Coogler is the platonic ideal for indie filmmakers going big – he started small, directed Creed at a mid-budget level and will now ascend to the big money blockbuster. It’s better than other filmmakers who have jumped from 5 million dollar movies to 250 million dollar movies.

This news, as mentioned, makes a ton of sense. What doesn’t make sense to me is how (or why) the past rumors didn’t pan out. Perhaps Coogler dropped out of negotiating in order to focus on other things when Creed hit. Then Marvel comes knocking again with an Ed McMahon sized check in their hands.

Maybe it’s more than that – BMD barely goes in to details, just that Coogler is back in the running. And for me, I love this news. I want more opportunities for talented directors, always. And for someone as talented as Coogler, to go from an indie to a mid level budget with Creed, now to a 250 million plus superhero blockbuster – this is a true, Hollywood Success story and I’m thrilled as hell to see it happen to, as I said, a talent like Coogler; black or white. Based on everything I’ve seen, Marvel is smart to tap the guy.

BMD finishes the report saying:

The two parties are still in talks, but I’m very hopeful that it all pans out. Creed is one of the best movies of the year and Coogler is one of the most exciting new talents out there. His take on Wakanda’s kick-ass monarch is one I want to see.

I’m in agreement on all of this.

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