Cupcake Quarterly: Classic Pinup Art Gets The Geek Treatment Again!

By March 7, 2013

Geeks and pinup art: two things that actually go great together! Who would’ve thought? Elisa Teague, that’s who! When I first got wind of this project she was putting together over a year ago, I thought nothing of it. In Los Angeles, I’ve gotten to know my fair share of people in music and fashion scenes that emulate the likes of vintage pinup styles in their daily lives. Silly me, I should’ve known that Elisa would do things her way and leave an indelible mark.

Let me backtrack here. Cupcake Quarterly is a 1940’s style pinup magazine that focuses on true vintage styling and fashion while paying extra attention to maintaining a high production value. Emulating the likes of Gil Evgren and Alberto Vargas, Cupcake Quarterly’s motivation is to bring pinup art into the 21st century with their own unique flair.

“Pinup girls also evoke a time in history that was better.” Explains Teague, “It was a time of values and family and thoughts of warm apple pie on the windowsill. During the war, soldiers would look at Pinup pictures and immediately have a reason to carry on. These were the beauties that were waiting for them back home. This is what was worth fighting for. We’re still fighting for Pinups, and they are still giving us a reason to carry on.  We want those values. We want to bring back real femininity. We want real women to be real women.”

“But then what does a girl look to as an inspiration for femininity, without a blow to her self-worth and confidence? Who is her role model for beauty and strength of character, so she does not have to shun beauty completely? The answer for me, and many others, is the Pinup Girl.”

Growing up, Elisa was influenced by the media’s pressure on women to look and behave a certain way. Also a geek, who prides herself on her immense love for Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons and the like, she always felt she was never truly taken seriously in the “geek world” because of gender. After working as an executive at a game company for roughly a decade and still being referred to as a “booth babe”, the inspiration to make a magazine that highlighted strong, sexy, powerful geeky women in the industry pushed her forward. Thus, The Cupcake Quarterly Special Edition: Freaks and Geeks was born.

Elisa is one of those friends I’ve known for years now who emulate the style and sense of a Pinup Girl through her day to day life. In fact, Pinups come in all shapes and sizes, shades of skin and character types. The Pinup is a classic caricature that represents equal parts sweetness and sex appeal. A Pinup Girl is always in control and has the power over her femininity. Screw what society has to say!

In 2012, the special Freaks And Geeks Edition of Cupcake Quarterly became a huge hit for Teague. Featuring a wide array of geek gals including Brea Grant (Best Friends Forever, Dexter), Jenna Busch (Cocktails With Stan, Inside Horror), Kristen Nedopak (The Skyrim Parodies), Helenna Santos-Levy (American Reunion), Leah Cavoli (On The Road With Leah, Robot Chicken), Stephanie Thorpe (Shelf Life) and GeekNation’s own Cricket Lee (Gecken, GirlGamer), the demand for the issue has been so high, Elisa has announced a 2nd Geek Edition is currently in the works!

“I love all things Pinup” Says Elisa, “It is a form of art that is part of our history, with cultural and iconic imagery that is sexy AND socially conscious, empowering women and still enticing to men. These are the gorgeous girls that men long for and the incredible beauties that women actually can be.”

We both agree, and I’m sure you do too, that All women are amazing. Sometimes it takes a good mix of confidence, personality and the right eye (or camera) to capture it.  That is why the pinup has been an art form that has endured for over a century.

When pressed for further details on the celebrities lined up for Cupcake Quarterly’s 2nd Freaks And Geeks Edition, Elisa is pretty mum about it. What I can tell you is, she’s damn excited and that excitement is contagious! She was able to tell me the highly anticipated issue is set to come out just in time for this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Until then, you can find out all the details about the magazine at their official website. Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook here!

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