CURSED: Bradley Cooper Drops Out Of “Jane Got A Gun”

By May 2, 2013

If there is any such thing as curses, the film Jane Got a Gun is suffering from one. Director Lynne Ramsay dropped out of the production the day they were supposed to start filming, which prompted star Jude Law to drop out days later.

The film’s producers scrambled to replace him and found Bradley Cooper. Announcements were made that Bradley had replaced Jude and today we are finding out that Bradly has just dropped out of the film. Other cast members: Joel Edgerton, Natalie Portman, and Noah Emmerich remain on the film.

Producers are scrambling once again to find a suitable replacement. Rumors indicate that they are eyeing Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Tom Hiddleston as possible replacements.

This film is really having a hard time holding on to directors and actors. It will be interesting to follow the drama and see if and how the film progresses.

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