Customized Giant Robot Can Be Controlled By iPhone!

By August 3, 2012

Ever see a 1.35 MILLION dollar robot controlled by an iPhone app? Well, you’re gonna.

From Suidobashi Heavy Industry comes Kuratas, the world’s first “giant-boarding robot”, a street legal (in Japan) strapping young thing that measures just a tad over 13 feet high and has some crazy awesome features.

Thanks to their “V-Sido” OS technology, Kuratas can either be piloted from the inside (that’s RIGHT, you can be INSIDE it) by a touchscreen system, controlled by Kinect (their words, not mine), or by iPhone app (a feature that’ll run you an extra $600).

And before you think “I’m gonna rule the world!” with your new giant friend, I’d rethink that theory; Kuratas’ top speed is around 6 mph and “weapon” add-ons include water cannon, iron claw, and a big ‘ol BB gun that can fire up to 6,000 BB bullets per minute and is activated by smiling.


Enough jibba jabba! Check out these tasty videos!

Wanna trick it out? No problem! With your custom made-to-order Kuratas, you can add protective shielding, something called a “third eye”, choose from 16 different paintjobs and for a mere $100 more, add a cup holder! And if all THAT weren’t awesome enough, you also get to NAME YOUR ROBOT (but only up to 20 characters) and with a base price of 1.35 million, the final price tag will come down to just how much you’ve customized your new friend.

I didn’t go too bananas but here’s how mine would look and cost when customized with a handgun (that again, only shoots BB bullets), “shotproof” armor, paint job, cup holder, genuine leather seat, iPhone/3G capability and personalization.

1.6 million? Guess I better start checking the couches for change and rebuild that lemonade stand!

Wanna learn more and have a bit of fun building your own Kuratas? Hit the official website and enjoy!

Domo arigato, Lady Roboto!

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