CW and ‘Veronica Mars’ Creator Team Up For DC Comics Show ‘iZombie’

By November 8, 2013

After today,  I’m CONVINCED CW’s gonna change their channel name to DCW at some point with this latest bit of news.

Just a couple days ago, I told you about how the CW (inexplicably) is developing a drama based on Hourman; now I’m back to let you know that they’ve got their hands on ANOTHER DC property and it’s currently on the development track with “Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas and Veronica Mars (film) co-writer Diane Ruggiero along for the ride.


Originally created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred for DC Comics’ Vertigo label,  iZombie tells the tale of Gwen, a revenant (a.k.a. zombie) working as a gravedigger in Eugene, Oregon, with pals Ellie (a 1960s ghost) and Scott (a wereterrier).

I know what you’re thinking: “Great, ANOTHER one of these stupid sparkly things,” and I’m here to tell you you’d be wrong.


What separates iZombie a bit from the pack is that while Gwen IS a zombie, she has the ability to pass as a “regular girl” but has to eat a brain once a month to keep her memories and intelligence intact (hence the grave-digging job). As the job gives her a steady access to the recently dead, she has no shortage of food…BUT when she eats a brain, she also ingests some of the dead’s thoughts. In order to get the voices to STFU, she teams up with her boss (a medical examiner) and a police detective to solve homicides.

So it’s sounding like “Veronica Mars” meets “Supernatural,” and if the casting’s right, I could be okay with that.

But what I’m NOT okay with is the CW (OBVIOUSLY) pushing the Wonder Woman-prequel “Amazon” that much FURTHER into development hell.

Nice try, guys, but much like Bart Simpson and his demand for his elephant, I’m not shutting up until I get my Wonder Woman show.

Stay tuned.

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