Cyber-Monday Morning Quarterback – What Games Are Worth Your Buck?

By November 30, 2015

The holidays are officially here and if you are like me, hopefully, you stayed home on Black Friday in lieu of breaking in the latest. most popular game for your PC, X-Box One and/or PS4. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit idly by now while all the major online retailers participate in Cyber Monday.

Which got me thinking about gaming in general. With three new titles out there dominating the conversation, I had to ask, which one will dominate your holiday shopping/playing?  So I decided to look at, what I consider, the top 3 games currently available and worthy of your money on this peaceful Cyber Monday. Now it’s up to you to decide the winner or best game out there. So without further adieu lets get this debate started…

fallout41. Fallout 4 – The Fallout Series that has gone from top down RPG to a thrill a minute open world RPG has grown plenty since 1997. Fallout 4 has shipped 12 million units and has the potential to make over 750 million dollars; this according to a report from Cinema Blend. Celebrated by critics and fans alike for the open world play and the opportunities afforded by the non-linear game play, the flaws do not outweigh the positives. Although the blurred vision bug that requires you to KEEP YOUR OLD SAVES is more than stressful, fans are still enamored by the game. And seeing as the title has officially left our next entry, Call of Duty Black Ops III, in the dust as far as sales are concerned, this is the unanimous number one on our list.

Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-32. Call of Duty Black Ops III – Is a behemoth, no doubt, with a current total of 550 million dollars (all figures are debatable) and with record setting full game downloads this game is not just a hit, it’s a hit that figures better than most blockbuster films! These games are built upon the co-op and online multiplayer experience, the linear story mode is limiting to us open world gamers but to get the quality there are going to be tradeoffs. I may not be a huge fan of this FPS but I understand the draw. From Zombie Mode to Online Multiplayer shootouts Call of Duy: Black Ops III is the bull in the China shop. Is it worth your money on this Cyber Monday. In short, yes. But in comparing the titles, this might come down to simply – are you a Call of Duty faithful? If the answer is yes, than you want this game. No one is going to roll their eyes if you choose this one over Fallout. Or even the next title….

star-wars-battlefront-box-art3. Star Wars: Battlefront – the title that is dominating the conversation in social media everywhere due to the release of the newest Star Wars movie in the saga, The Force Awakens. Maybe you heard of it?

When the Lucas/Disney deal went through I honestly thought Battlefront would be put in mothballs. Boy was I wrong. EA Studio/Dice was given the property and they blew open expectations with a game that is a fully immersive Star Wars experience. This is a game that is the largest digital launch in EA’s history, to put that into perspective this is a company that owns FIFA, Madden, and Battlefield, via a story here at Geek Nation . From Single player, Co-Op to, to online options this game is huge. Fly an X-Wing? Check. Play as Vadar? Check. Take a jaunt around Hoth? Check.

Are there flaws in this game? Sure. In this modern era you are most likely to find at least one. Costs are high, buying the game (59.99) plus a season pass (50.00) is a bit much, but the benefits, much like the others on this list, far outweigh negatives. Star Wars: Battlefront is a master of the force and isn’t likely to be slowed soon. Aside from the other two listed, if you are a Star Wars fan, there’s no question – if you had to pick a game on Cyber Monday, I’m sure this would be your game.

So for everyone out there in the Nation, what game do you fancy the most if you had to pick one up today for Cyber Monday? Are you an open world RPG master with Fallout 4? Are you a stone cold killer with Black Ops III? Is a jaunt through the stars in Star Wars: Battlefront the game you’re looking for? Or will you be buying all three?

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Cory Naught
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