Daniel Bruhl Hints at Baron Zemo’s Role in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

By April 10, 2016

We’ve seen quite a bit from the various Captain America: Civil War trailers (like this one and this one). We’ve seen Captain American and Iron Man beat the crap out of each other. We’ve seen Black Panther and Spider-Man join the battle. And we’ve heard the whole thing is really, really awesome. There really aren’t too many aspects of this film that we haven’t at least caught a glimpse of, but there is still one glaring omission. As yet, we’ve not seen or heard a thing from one of the main villains in the film, Baron Zemo. Played by Daniel Bruhl, this long-time Captain America adversary is rumored to play a significant role in Civil War, though we still aren’t sure what the extent of his threat will be. Bruhl recently opened up (c/o CBM) about what part Zemo plays in the film, at least as much as Marvel allows anyone to open up about anything.

I was really told not to because there are so many secrets in the film. And also my character’s quite mysterious, so I’m really scared to say too much. The things I’ve mentioned in interviews before were already too much – and I thought it was nothing!

“Mysterious” is putting it lightly, and that’s before even seeing the movie. We don’t know how Zemo will fit into the central conflict in Civil War, nor why he chooses to stir things up in the first place. Bruhl couldn’t tell us much, but he at least hinted at Zemo’s motivations.

I like is it’s not a stereotype. It’s not a guy who’s mean and sinister, but he’s actually very clever – a very smart guy who does everything out of a very understandable reason and motivation.

Ok, so he’s not just a mustache-twirling bad guy. Good to know. We know the main issues between Team Cap and Team Iron Man arise after the Sokovia Accords, which are the result of the climactic battle in Avengers: Age of Ultron. We also know Thunderbolt Ross, who we haven’t seen since Edward Norton played The Hulk, is in the mix. Is Zemo one of the main driving forces behind the Accords? Or is his threat something completely separate? Bruhl’s statement seems to indicate it might be the first option.

Some of the things that happen in the film, and why they happen, are because of him. He is orchestrating things that happen throughout the film. I think that’s something I can say, goddam it!

Really sounds like he wants to tell us, doesn’t it?

So reading between the lines, it seems as if Zemo pulls the strings that set the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man in motion. Bruhl had previously stated that he won’t be wearing Zemo’s trademark purple mask in the film, so perhaps this all functions as a bit of an origin story for the villain? In the comics, he wore the mask after it was fused to his skin via Adhesive X during a fight with Cap. Perhaps we’ll see that happen in the climax of the film? Or maybe his disfigurement occurs during the Battle of Sokovia, leading him on a vendetta against The Avengers? Just a few more weeks and we can all find out.

Captain America: Civil War opens nationwide on May 6th.

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