Danny McBride In Talks to Join ‘Alien: Covenant’

By February 11, 2016

It was not until I heard this casting, that I realized how perfect it could be.

After releasing some conflicting pieces of info about the film’s story, and a somewhat strange title change, director Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant – the second installment in his Alien prequel trilogy that began with Prometheus – is finally getting some more steam behind it. With Katherine Waterston already cast in the film, along with Mission: Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation‘s Rebecca Ferguson, it looks like Covenant may be adding yet another exciting, unique cast member to its ensemble as well.

TheWrap is reporting that Danny McBride is currently in talks to star in the film alongside the already confirmed Michael Fassbender, who will be reprising his role as David from Prometheus. The report also confirms Waterston’s casting in the film as the franchise’s newest female lead (could this be our new Ripley?). There’s no mention of who McBride could be playing, but he’ll likely be one of the film’s newest crew members, and after he and Scott hit it off discussing their shared love of old movies recently, his casting seems to have a positive outcome in its future.

Set for destination on a remote planet across the galaxy, the crew members of the spaceship, Covenant, find themselves on what they initially believe to be a previously uncharted paradise, whose sole inhabitant, the android David, is the last living survivor from the failed Prometheus expedition. As you can probably imagine as well, both from the way Prometheus ended and the general structure of every Alien film, their new Paradise might not be as pleasant as they had expected.

Following the recent news that Noomi Rapace would not be reprising her Prometheus role in the film as well, the story and timeline of Covenant has grown even more mysterious. McBride has a unique screen presence all of his own though, that he’s created over the years, and seeing him in such a serious world onscreen, and probably serving as the film’s comedic relief, could provide a helpful change of pace from the franchise’s usual ensemble lineups.

Alien: Covenant is set to hit theatres on October 6th, 2017.

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