‘Daredevil’ Fights The Hand in New Season 2 Poster

By March 4, 2016

The second season of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix plans on ramping things up in some big ways moving on from its first season and the change in showrunners as well. Where the freshman outing had one clear antagonist and one clear protagonist, the sophomore outing is much more ambiguous with the introduction of The Punisher, Elektra, and more.

One of the factions that will be playing a larger role in the new season than they did in the first is The Hand, an organization known for their red-costumed ninjas, who Matt Murdock had a brief and brutal encounter with in the first season. Now though, it looks like they’re back, and with some even more mysterious plans.

A new poster for the upcoming season has been released as well, teasing the conflict between Daredevil and the Hand in the new season, as he fends off several ninjas on a Hell’s Kitchen rooftop.

Check it out below:


Right away I’d just like to say – the costume looks so much better than it did at the end of the first season. The additions of the red eyes and the upgrades in the suit itself are noticeable from the moment you look at the suit, and it already seems like the perfect combination between the classic comic book costume and some realistic, armored designs.

More than any other aspect of the new season as well, The Hand is perhaps the most mysterious. The Elektra-centric trailer for the new season teased their presence and involvement in the season briefly, including hinting at an unknown new villain for Daredevil to face. It’s hard to assume what they might have planned this time around, but judging by this artwork and the previously-mentioned trailers, it looks like they’ll be causing more than a few problems for the Savior of Hell’s Kitchen.

Season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil will premiere on Netflix on March 18th.

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