Dark Horse To Unleash Four-Issue Miniseries ‘Groo vs. Conan’

By July 2, 2014

Since 1982, Groo The Wanderer has lived up to his name traveling from comic book label to comic book label (which included both Epic/Marvel and Image) and since 1998, he’s been making a happy living over at Dark Horse Comics.

Now Groo’s about to meet a neighbor, which normally isn’t a big deal – unless your neighbor is Conan The Barbarian.

groo vs conan cover

In this AMAZING crossover, we see Conan doing what he does best: vanquishing foes and saving the girl. But what he doesn’t know is that he’s being sought out by some village people in need of a new “champion,” because they’re not real big fans of the one they have now…which would be Groo.

And before I show you this epic preview of Groo Vs. Conan #1, I want to assure you that all the original artists are involved: Sergio Aragones (artist) for the Groo side, Thomas Yeates (illustrator) and Tom Luth (colorist) for the Conan side, and Groo writer Mark Evanier using words to blend the two styles together.

There’s even a page where writer Evanier is trying to convince Aragones that this crossover is a great idea, complete with Aragones speaking in broken English, haha!

ENOUGH TALK! Read some panels and revel in their majesty!





Groo-vs-Conan-Page-5I can’t stand the waiting, but I guess I’ll have to – issue #1 will be released this July 23rd which, not coincidentally, is also known as San Diego Comic-Con’s “Preview Night.”


You know how I feel but what do you think about this crossover?

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