Darren Lynn Bousman to Direct Sci-Fi Action Film ‘Apex’

By July 11, 2014

Looks like James Wan isn’t the only Saw director to move from horror movies over to the action genre. While the creator of the Saw franchise eventually went on to direct Fast & Furious 7 (which just finished filming yesterday), Darren Lynn Bousman – who directed Saw II, III, and IV – is going to be getting an action feature of his own. Heat Vision reports that Bousman will direct an indie sci-fi action film called Apex.

The plot sounds pretty awesome: it’s being referred to as Predator meets Call of Duty, because the story follows a Special Ops team sent in to North Korean to recover a weapon of mass destruction when they’re suddenly transported to another world, facing off against a dangerous alien race. Writer James E. Cavanaugh came up with the idea and reportedly “wrote the screenplay with an eye on current scientific trends in physics and biology,” so don’t expect laser blasters or anything too futuristic – at least when it comes to the human technology.


Producers Joe Di Maio and Aaron Ray are looking to debut alien designs and some key art at this year’s Comic-Con, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re heading to San Diego in a couple of weeks. Apex is envisioned as a transmedia property, something much more than just a movie. Bousman, who sees the film as a mix of modern video games and “a love letter to the sci-fi films I grew up watching with my dad, such as Alien, Predator, Enemy Mine, [and] Tremors,” said:

This can be a balls-to-the-walls action fantasy and it’s franchisable outside of the movie universe. There is a whole world to explore with Apex.

It sounds like they’re really looking to branch this property out into multiple avenues, and it seems like a video game would be the perfect next step. We’ll have to see how well potential fans take to the property, because a groundswell of support could generate tons of media opportunities – from comics to a TV series and everything in between. It all depends on how fans react, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for this one. For more on Bousman’s career, listen to an in-depth conversation he had with fellow filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch on an episode of The Movie Crypt:

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