David Fincher Reportedly Won’t Direct Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Jobs’ Biopic Unless Christian Bale Stars

By March 20, 2014

When Apple co-founder and tech genius Steve Jobs died, Hollywood jumped at the chance to bring his story to the big screen. Ashton Kutcher starred in as the title character in Jobs, and Justin Long and Funny or Die actually beat that film to the punch as the first Jobs biopic to come out following his death. But the biggest project of all was announced by Sony and The Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin, who were teaming to bring Jobs’ life to the screen in a unique way.

Instead of sticking to the normal biopic formula (read: tell the person’s entire life story, with all of the sweeping ups and downs that goes with it) Sorkin’s screenplay takes place in real time over three thirty minute chunks of time, each right before an Apple product launch: the Mac, NeXT, and iPod. Word came out that there may be a Social Network reunion in the works when director David Fincher showed interest in the project, and now The Wrap reports that Fincher has taken things one step further by telling the studio who he wants to star.

Christian Bale beard

Oscar winner Christian Bale is reportedly Fincher’s only choice for the role of Steve Jobs, with the director telling Sony chief Amy Pascal that the only way he’ll be sitting in the director’s chair for this one is if Bale is in front of the camera. But the actor hasn’t even been approached for the role yet – he’s taking some time off to be with his family – so this story is far from a done deal. It’s a pretty common thing for directors to have wishlists of who they’d like to play the lead roles in their movies, but it’s another thing entirely for a director to essentially give a studio an ultimatum about who the star will be. I’m sure Pascal wouldn’t be opposed to having Bale in the lead – he is one of the most high-profile A-listers working right now, after all – so I guess it’ll all come down to timing and whether or not the actor is interested.

What do you think? Could Bale convincingly play Steve Jobs? Would you like to see David Fincher direct? Sound off below.

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