David Fincher Won’t Direct Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic

By April 14, 2014

Ever since it was announced that Aaron Sorkin was writing a non-traditional Steve Jobs biopic (which follows the Apple co-founder essentially in real time for thirty minute chunks immediately before three different product launches), the blogosphere has been hoping that David Fincher would direct the project and form a Social Network reunion behind the scenes with Sorkin. But Fincher hasn’t exactly been the easiest person to work with in Hollywood, and he’s already shown it when it comes to this specific project: he basically gave Sony an ultimatum that he wanted Christian Bale to star as Jobs, or the director would walk from the film altogether.

The latest update in this ongoing saga comes from THR, who reveal that Sony is looking to replace Fincher as director of this film because of “his aggressive demands for compensation and control,” including a $10 million up front fee and a big say in how the film is marketed. THR reminds us that the studio gave Fincher a ton of control over the marketing of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, approving his “The Feel Bad Movie of Christmas” tagline and allowing him to commission metal razor blade posters that cost “hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce but were not suitable for display in theaters.”

Steve Jobs iPod

Fincher’s adaptation of Girl barely cracked $100 million domestic at the box office, but it wasn’t enough to greenlight a sequel, and after a lackluster 2013 at the box office, it would appear that Sony is looking to tighten things up a bit. They’re reportedly not interested in giving in to Fincher’s demands, so we’ll have to see who they get to replace him and – perhaps more importantly – how that person lives up to what I’m sure will be immense pressure to craft a film as good as the one Fincher could have made with this subject matter.

The source claims Fincher could theoretically enter negotiations once again with Sony to direct this film, but that seems unlikely to me – especially after a report like this one goes public. If not David Fincher, who would you like to see direct Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic?

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