David Goyer Rumored to Be Developing Superman Prequel Series ‘Krypton’

By October 27, 2014

CBS is already looking to expand on the mythology of Superman with a commitment to a “Supergirl” series focusing on the cousin of The Man of Steel, but that may not be the only new show fans will get with ties to The Big Blue Boy Scout.

Bleeding Cool (who were the first to break the news on the “Supergirl” series) have heard that Man of Steel writer and DC Comics film producer David Goyer is currently working on a TV show called “Krypton.” Unfortunately, that’s the only solid information on the show at this point.

However, the source goes on to speculate that this would likely be a Superman prequel series taking place on Kal-El’s home planet before his father Jor-El was forced to jettison his child into space, sending him to become the hero we know on Earth. Considering how well-received “Gotham” has been with TV viewers (even if the show is contrived, exaggerated and frequently laughable), we wouldn’t be surprised to see a show focusing on Krypton before Superman is born.

Man of Steel - General Zod

In fact, this series sounds like it has much more potential than “Gotham” if only because there’s plenty of unexplored territory (briefly touched upon in the opening of Man of Steel) to lead up to the destruction of Krypton. And they likely wouldn’t have to do nearly as much of the incessant winking and nodding to future villains and story arcs the way “Gotham” has shoehorned into every episode. Villains like General Zod could even appear fully formed without having to set them up for the future.

As far as comic book inspiration, there’s World Of Krypton stories and For The Man Who Has Everything to offer potential storylines, but there are also plenty of original things that could be done to explore Superman’s homeworld before he’s even born. But again, this is all just speculation for now, and there’s no indication of what a series called “Krypton” would actually focus on. There’s always a chance it could be a series about Krypto the Superdog.

And while the potential for a Superman prequel series does sound like it has more potential than “Gotham,” I can’t help but be reminded of Patton Oswalt’s brilliant stand-up bit about the Star Wars prequels and how boring and generally terrible most origin stories are:

Do you want a Superman prequel series set on Krypton?

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