David Mamet Developing ‘7 Deadly Sins’ Miniseries for Fox

By December 20, 2013

Seven Deadly Sins

History Channel found so much success in “The Bible” that they’re working on a 12-hour miniseries sequel called “A.D.” Now another Biblically inspired miniseries is in development with Pulitzer Prize winner and Glengarry Glen Ross writer David Mamet executive producing, writing, and directing.

Mamet will take all three jobs on the first episode of a seven-part miniseries for Fox called “7 Deadly Sins” and will write two more, according to THR. As you can guess, the series is based on the idea of the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.

However, whereas the film Se7en focused on murders inspired by those sins, this is not an adaptation of David Fincher’s work; this miniseries will have a variety of interconnected stories about the human condition based on each sin. Apparently the miniseries is being developed as an effort to bridge the traditional fall, midseason, and summer schedules (though it’s not clear when this one will land).

20th Century Fox Television and Lionsgate TV will produce the miniseries for Mamet, who has been busy on the small screen with the cable film Phil Spector and also the CBS series “The Unit.” Mamet is an incredible writer, so this should be something to behold, but a lot depends on who ends up directing the episodes following the first.

The miniseries joins the revival of “24” in the event series “24: Live Another Day,” as Fox joins the cavalcade of networks taking a cue from British television by creating TV series with shorter seasons. Stay tuned for more updates.

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