DC Unleashes ‘Aquaman’ In October 2018, But Why?

By December 5, 2016


Warner Bros. and DC finally have a date they’ll unveil Aquaman. Expect to find a very wet Jason Momoa in theaters on Oct. 5, 2018.

That might seem a long way away, but when you take a look at everything Warner Bros. and DC have in the pipeline, it might not be so bad. And don’t fret, Momoa fans: Aquaman will indeed take part in Justice League, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which is due next year.

So far, no other studio has planned any releases for that October date. And there’s a possibility Aquaman could end up all on its own.

The early October date has not necessarily been one where studios have launched tentpoles, at least not in the last three years, according to The Numbers. In fact, the weekend is more about putting out movies designed for critical rather than box office success.

In 2014, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. battled it out with Gone Girl and Annabelle for the top spot at the box office. But even then, both films combined for just under $75 million.

martian-inset120516The next year, it was The Martian, which really was more of a sleeper hit. Still, while its $54.3 million was impressive, it’s not exactly a comic book movie release.

And this past October, it was The Girl in the Train getting the top spot with just $24.5 million while Fox Searchlight had hoped for better things with Birth of a Nation.

What kind of expectations does Warner Bros. have for Aquaman? Are they low, or does the studio hope to reinvent the beginning of October for movie-goers?

At the very least, Warner Bros. will hope for at least a standard opening. For Man of Steel in 2013, that was a $116.6 million weekend. The Dark Knight Rises the year before opened to $160.9 million.

Then again, the studios already have put another potential solo tentpole, Wonder Woman, in a similar predicament. It’s set to open the first weekend of June next year, a slot whose biggest opening in the last three years was The Fault in Our Stars in 2014 with just $48 million.

Comic book films have found a lot of success in grouping various superheroes together, more than solo projects. DC experienced that recently with both Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice ($330.4 million domestically) and Suicide Squad ($325.1 million).

deadpool-inset120516Yet, even standalone movies can do well. Especially on the Marvel side. This year, Deadpool earned $363.1 million despite an R-rating. And Captain America: Civil War is No. 2 at the domestic box office for the year with $408.1 million – although it’s probably difficult to call Civil War a solo film with all the different Avenger characters who popped up.

Aquaman will be directed by James Wan, probably best known for his horror work like The Conjuring (and its sequel), and the original Saw in 2004. However, Wan also directed Furious 7 from the Fast & Furious franchise that earned $1.5 billion worldwide in 2015.

The new Aquaman film also stars Amber Heard as Mera and Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko.

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