DC’s Live-Action ‘Vixen’ Has Been Revealed

By January 21, 2016

Following the success of DC’s animated Vixen series, the character is set to make an upcoming appearance in the CW’s Arrow as well, making the daunting jump of transitioning from an animated iteration into the live-action world. Actress Megalyn Echikunwoke is set to play the character in the series, after providing Vixen’s voice in the animated show as well.

Considering how rare it is for a character to be played by its voice actor in both iterations too, that could mean very good news for Echikunwoke’s take on the beloved character.

Set to make her live-action debut in the fifteenth episode of Arrow‘s fourth season, titled “Taken,” the street smart model that inherits a family heirloom, granting her access to the animal kingdom, should make one hell of a splash in the Green Arrow’s Star City, and after the deep use of mysticism this season, she might be coming just in the nick of time.

Following the live-action announcement just a few weeks ago as well, the CW has unveiled our very first look at the character’s costume and appearance in the show, and in terms of the transition from animated to live-action – this is a pretty faithful adaptation. Predictably, Megalyn Echikunwoke looks near-perfect as the character, and the image also hints at her animalistic powers with a floating, spectral wolf right next to her.

Arrow has taken on a remarkably lighter tone this season so far, despite a dark twist in last night’s episode, and the introduction of yet another hero to the Arrowverse could mean big things for not only Oliver (Stephen Amell) and his friends, but also the future of Vixen in the DC universe, after the animated series was recently renewed by the CW for another season. Hopefully that means we can expect even more of her adventures with the rest of the DC TV universe’s heroic crusaders.

Although, it is the CW, so of course – it’s made of entirely leather. Why does it always have to be leather?

Arrow airs every Wednesday night on the CW.

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