‘Deadpool 2’ Has Already Been Written

By February 9, 2016

Rave reviews and strong word of mouth have already begun pouring in for Fox’s Deadpool thanks in part to a lovable and hilarious marketing scheme and a number of early screenings. The second point here – critics are raving. You can’t escape the Merc with a Mouth as, everywhere, billboards, TV spots, a Superbowl campaign and your geeky friends endlessly remind you it opens this Friday, February 12th. Oh, I’m going to see this movie so hard…

So, no big surprise – Fox has greenlit a sequel with the script currently being written. Not a bad bit of news.

Thanks to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, who’s insiders helped add to the “no, sh*t Sherlock news” to their report. Word of the sequel was a forgone conclusion but now, add the word “greenlight” and you’ve got some breaking news.

Fox is betting that audiences will not get a load of Deadpool when the movie opens this weekend but will immediately want more, which is why the studio is already working on a sequel.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote Deadpool, are writing the script for a follow-up, which has already been greenlit, insiders tell The Hollywood Reporter.

In the geek hemisphere, Deadpool is very popular. Obviously. But in order to hit that “broad” audience, many wondered if Fox, the studio behind the movie, would water down the more risque’ attributes – foul language, intense, bloody violence, etc. There was even a rumor that it would be released in theatres as PG-13. Nope. Fox seemingly stepped aside and let the filmmakers do their thang while also letting the marketing team have the time of their life – see: testicular cancer spots, romantic comedy posters and the piece de’ la resistance… the billboard of emojis spelling out Dead-Poo-L.


Now with the strong word of mouth – read our RAVE review – a sequel should not be a surprise at all. Along with the word of mouth, tracking suggests the movie will to open to at least $65 million with some estimates pointing north of $70 million. I personally have a feeling that it might actually open closer to 100 million. No seriously. It’s crazy word of mouth stuff.

First time director Tim Miller directed Deadpool and as of the writing of this piece, he has not been contracted to return. But again, that seems like an inevitable appointment. In THR’s report it is mentioned that Fox would like to keep the creative team together. Because the movie’s awesome, right? Right.

Screenwriters Reese and Wernick along with Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds fought tooth and nail for this movie, reportedly becoming very close in the process. Wernick and Reese were even executive producers on the it. They have also remained on board throughout the production. So, again for the cheap seats in the back, why wouldn’t you bring the whole creative team back? Seems like Fox knows they have a winner and a formula of creatives that know their stuff. Kudos there, Fox. This is very good. Very good. I shall report back to the geeks and let them know of the gold star I have given you.

Deadpool is set to hit theatres on February 12th.

We shall report any and all news just as it breaks so in the meantime, keep checking back for more updates — right here on GeekNation.

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