‘Deadpool’ Concept Art Reveals Alternate Colossus Designs

By April 11, 2016

One of the more memorable parts of Deadpool, aside from all of it, was how the film managed to deliver the first fully realized version of the X-Men member, Colossus, onscreen. Completely CGI, the character felt both cartoony and authentic in the best possible way, and even more so, the character’s look and design was fairly exciting for comic book fans to see onscreen.

Turns out, the final look of the character was actually played with a number of times as the character’s concept artist, Alexander Lozano revealed, recently (via Comicbook.com). Here’s what the artist had to say about Colossus’ design in the film:

“Before the ‘final design’ was found, I tried a few different ways. At that point of time, I didn’t know if Colossus was planned as a ‘walking around in bright daylight’ character or more of a ‘hide in the shadows’ hero like in the old X-Men days. So I played around with a Darth Maul-hoodie and the idea to place the ‘X’ very subtle on his chest with the endings of his scarf. I also wanted to repeat the ripples in his arms with the design of the boots. …and a lot of possibilities to fix all the X-Men mansion keys at his pants.”

Check out all of Lozano’s alternate Colossus designs below:

colossus 1 colossus 2 colossus 3 colossus 4 colossus 5

As someone who didn’t mind Colossus’ final design in the film (it could have used a little more color), it’s interesting to see the diferent iterations that almost made it to the big screen. Considering I kind of hate a majority of these designs too – other than maybe the last alternate look – I’m happy that director Tim Miller and co. decided to not go with the hooded version of the character, which would have provided an odd contrast to the character’s boy scout behavior and “good guy” mentality.

Deadpool will be available on Blu Ray and DVD on May 10th.

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