‘Deadpool’ Director Reveals The Deleted Scene He Most Hated to Cut From the Film

By May 4, 2016

In all honesty, Deadpool should never have been as good as it was. With the character itself, as well as the studio system that we live in, there’s no way that the film should have existed, let alone been as kick ass as it ended up being. One of the key components of that though, was the film’s unique structure, and incredibly well thought out pacing and character moments.

Director Tim Miller hasn’t been shy about addressing the deleted scenes from the film that he had to cut though in the months since its February theatrical release, including extended sequences of ultraviolence and moments that just couldn’t make the cut.

In a recent interview with Cinema Blend as well, Miller revealed the one scene in the original film that was the hardest for him to leave on the cutting room floor:

“There’s a scene, in the script it was called ‘The Cancer World Tour,’ where Wade and Vanessa went around the world to try and find a cure to his cancer. They end the Cancer World Tour having lost hope in this really creepy, shyster clinic in Guadalajara, and this doctor is clearly a quack. And Wade kills him. And it’s this really emotional scene, and Vanessa witnesses it, and it’s the first time he’s really let the monster out, and she sees who he is. And he runs away from her because he’s so ashamed. And it was a really great scene, and Ryan fucking crushed it. He just crushed it. He was so good, but it just didn’t work with the pacing of the movie so we cut it. It’s a really great scene.”

The scene itself sounds like the perfect example of the kind of snarky/serious blend that managed to make the film work as a whole in the end, in the way that Wade Wilson would approach everything in his life by making fun of it, but also in the serious way that it treated his and Vanessa’s relationship in the film. Like Miller says, would have been nice to see in the final cut. However, the pacing throughout the entire film was so tight and enjoyable, that at the same time, I can understand why that might not be needed.

It’s clear in the theatrical cut, the lengths at which he and Vanessa are trying to find a cure for his cancer, and the inclusion of this scene, no matter how well-done it was, might have just felt superfluous at the end, and unnecessary. Not to mention it could have taken away from the momentum that the movie gained by cutting back and forth between the past and the present. It’s scenes like these though, that are the reason we have special features on our blu rays.

Deadpool is available on digital HD now, and will be released on blu ray and DVD on May 10th.

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