Deadpool Releases Infomercial That’s Somehow Gloriously Filthy AND Censored

By December 29, 2015

Warning. The following video for Empire Magazine is both censored and somehow still NSFW. Enjoy.

That two minutes was probably funnier than half the “comedies” I’ve seen this year (That’s not what she said).  Seriously though. Playing Deadpool may have just unleashed the inner demon in Ryan Reynolds…..and we’re reaping all the benefits.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Ryan Reynolds is underrated. He has taken the hit for some movies that really aren’t his fault. The green CGI suit alone gave that other superhero movie little chance. He was a killer Deadpool in X-Men Origins. Then they stitched his best feature shut. (His mouth sicko, get your mind right.)

This movie is going to be great because I’m honestly having a hard time differentiating the two at this point. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool and I can’t wait for February 12th, 2016. (That’s when the movie comes out) Stay tuned to GeekNation for more backdoor jokes from a guy in a red suit not named Santa Clause!

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Mike Holtz
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