‘Defiance’ Recap: “Everything Is Broken”

By July 9, 2013

It’s election day in Defiance, and the fate of the town hangs in the balance. Read no further if you wish to avoid spoilers of “Defiance”‘s shocking season finale.

Datak is a nervous wreck; he demands that Alak stop endorsing him over the radio, lest he seem too desperate. To calm him down, Stahma has sex with Datak, and tries something new–a fatal mistake. He recognizes the maneuver as one of Kenya’s and puts two and two together. As Stahma heads into the booth to vote, he whispers a death threat in her ear.

Panicked, Stahma goes to Kenya and asks the prostitute to run away with her. Kenya balks; even so, after Amanda loses the election by a slim margin, Kenya makes a heartfelt speech to her sister. Though Amanda thinks Kenya’s trying to talk her off a ledge, she’s really saying goodbye. The next morning, Kenya meets Stahma in the woods. The Castithan hands her a flask; Kenya hands it back to Stahma, demanding that she drink it first. When Stahma refuses, Kenya pulls a gun, but it is too late; the poison was on the outside of the flask. Kenya dies in Stahma’s arms, as the Castithan woman rocks her into an eternal sleep.

The Earth Republic rolls into town, threatening Doc Yewll. They want the Kaziri, a highly weaponized Votan ship hidden at the bottom of Defiance’s mines. Colonel Marsh demands that Yewll give him Irisa’s whereabouts. Reluctantly, Yewll admits that Irisa has not one, but two artifacts inside of her. She agrees to help the ERep soldiers rather than face torture.

Nolan and Tommy find Irisa at the Irathient compound, standing with Rynn over Sukar’s comatose body. Nolan tells Irisa that the keys planted inside of her are actually triggers to a genocidal weapon. The Earth Republic arrives at the compound, and Nolan and Irisa hide. Black Jonah, a mercenary acting under Marsh’s direction, rounds up Tommy and the Irathients, threatening to shoot them if Irisa’s location isn’t revealed. They remain tight-lipped, and Jonah executes the Irathient in front of him. With Tommy next in line, Irisa leaps to her feet and surrenders. The mercenaries take her away, knocking Nolan unconscious…or so they think. He attacks the last remaining soldier and assembles a team to go after Irisa.

Marsh and Jonah demand that Doc Yewell remove the artifacts from Irisa’s body, despite the dangerous nature of the procedure. Upon entering the operating room where Irisa is bound, naked, on a medical bed, Yewell whispers a message to her. Whatever the Irathient did to attack her before, she must do again…to all of them.

Colonel Marsh visits Datak in the mayor’s office. The Castithan is furious; the Earth Republic blockaded the mines without first telling him, impinging on his pride and authority. Enraged, Datak murders him. Stahma comes in to inform him that she did as he asked and killed Kenya, only to find Datak with fresh blood on his face and hands. The Earth Republic soldiers barge into the room, and it’s game over for the Tarrs.

Rafe McCaully sits, handcuffed, outside ERep medical tents set up beside the mines. Nolan, Tommy, and Rynn free him, and he joins their effort to rescue Irisa. Doc Yewll activates the artifacts, and everyone in the room is rendered unconscious. A firefight begins outside, and Nolan comes in to rescue Irisa. Rafe is shot, but not mortally wounded.

Nolan and Irisa run from the tent, but Nolan takes a bullet to the chest. As he dies, Irisa sees Sukar calling her from the entrance to the mines. “It is impossible to escape your destiny,” he tells her. She must become the Devouring Mother and activate the lethal instruments inside of her. Deep in the mines, Irisa has a vision of Irzu. Irzu agrees to bring Nolan back from the dead…but at a great cost. Irisa must become Irzu’s weapon. Unable to let Nolan die, she activates the artifacts and plunges into the ship hidden below.

Nolan is resurrected, but he finds the world a very different place. With Datak presumably taken into custody for murder and Amanda no longer in power, the Earth Republic has taken over Defiance.