‘Defiance’ Recap: “Goodbye Blue Sky”

By June 4, 2013

A storm of metal batters the town and its outskirts, complicating relationships in Defiance.

Irisa has a vision of Sukar’s death and travels to the Badlands to attend his funerary rites, aka ‘the sinking ritual.’ His body descends into a boiling tub, meant to destroy the flesh but leave the bones. But alas–he rises from the dead! He and Irisa must walk the path of the Irathient god Irzu…or so he claims.

Back in Defiance, as the storm approaches, Stahma approaches Kenya. She wants to procure the prostitute’s services for her son…so that Christy can tell her father of her new husband’s prowess. Kenya laughs at the notion that a human girl might speak to her father about wedding night sex, leaving Stahma offended. Kenya apologizes, and the two share a drink. After a long talk, they wind up in bed together, and Stahma cautions Kenya not to tell her husband; he would have them both killed. Still, Stahma says, it is nice to have a secret…and something all of her own.

Meanwhile, high above in the arch, her son Alak hosts the town’s radio show…and has a squabble with his fiancée. Stahma has told Christy about a ritual bathing ceremony, where the entire family (including their new daughter-in-law) are expected to strip and bathe together. Alak is dismissive, much to Christy’s frustration.

In another part of town, Nicky is stranded at Rafe McCawley’s house, digging for clues about her missing underling. Quentin admits to his father that he killed the other man following a break-in, and Rafe assures Quentin that he did the right thing.

Irisa and Sukar blaze back into town, and Sukar practically tears the place apart, shooting everyone who gets in his way. Irisa balks, but he assures her that he is acting as their god demands. She must have faith, just as he does.

Lo and behold, he’s also torn up the medical center, as Amanda and Nolan discover when they haul in a badly injured Tommy. While there, Sukar stole an Ark Brain Interface…which could be used to contact an ark fragment in orbit, but only if the transmission had a massive power boost. Where might one find such a strong signal? In the arch radio station, of course!

Just as Alak finally agrees to talk to his mother about canceling the ritual–and keeping the blame off of Christy–Sukar and Irisa burst in. They use the radio equipment to activate the thrusters of a ship that’s falling directly toward Defiance.

Nolan storms into the arch, shooting Sukar when he refuses to stop what he’s doing. Whatever resurrected Sukar, however, isn’t letting him die; his wound heals instantly. The pair fight, and Irisa helps Sukar tie Nolan down, but he breaks free. Nolan unloads an entire clip into Sukar, who falls through the window, plummeting to a platform several stories below. Nolan aims the gun at his own daughter, but Irisa won’t back down. She’s going to finish what Sukar started.

Unable to shoot her, Nolan watches as Irisa presses the button. Sukar was not directing the ship toward Defiance; rather, he was altering the course so that it would crash safely away from the town. Sobbing bitterly, Irisa shoves her father away and runs out.

Sukar isn’t yet dead, however; he’s in a coma and no longer healing. Irzu wasn’t responsible for his resurrection; rather, nanites from an Ark Brain brought him back to life. Realizing that a ship was hurtling toward a town full of Votans, the nanites repaired Sukar so that he might prevent the crisis.

With the storm over, Nicky prepares to leave the McCawley house. First, however, she shows Rafe a bloodstained pillow, and he cops to killing her underling. She knows he’s lying–he’d only admit to murder if he was protecting someone else. Nicky reveals that she cut her finger upstairs…leaving the bloodstain and tricking him into a confession.