‘Defiance’ Recap: “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times”

By June 11, 2013

Gordon McClintock, member of the Bravery Nine…declared dead in 2013, following the destruction of the space station. He’s the last survivor in hyper sleep aboard a Votan ark…and he’s having flashbacks to being experimented on by the Indogenes before the Votans ever made contact with Earth.

Back at the Need/Want, Kenya spurns Datak’s advances, passing him along to another prostitute. He’s furious; no one rejects him. Angry, he returns home to find Stahma bathing alone…a taboo for Castithan women. She invites him to join her, seducing her husband to keep him from harming her secret lover.

Meanwhile, ERep Connor Lang returns to court Amanda. The Earth Republic sees her as a threat…but it wouldn’t if she left Defiance for a territorial governership. He wants to protect her…and, if the flowers he sent are any indication, he is also interested in rekindling their old relationship.

Lang has other motivations, too, however; McClintock’s story provides him the perfect opportunity to prove that the Votans never had peaceful intentions. The astronaut’s reappearance is the smoking gun that could keep the Votans from making further inroads on Earth.

Amanda and Nolan take McClintock to Rafe’s house, where Rafe shows him a picture of a beautiful underground vista. In the middle of the night, seemingly possessed, McClintock tries to strangle Amanda in her sleep. Nolan and Rafe pull him off just in time, and Irisa and Tommy take him to a holding cell. While there, McClintock has another fit, throwing himself against the wall and slicing his face open. Silver blood gushes out.

Furious, Nolan confronts Yewll–the Indogene doctor who examined McClintock upon his arrival. She knowingly hid the truth: McClintock is not a long lost human astronaut, but an Indogene surgically and mentally altered. The Indogene may look like McClintock–and even has his memories–but deep inside, he’s programmed to infiltrate and assassinate. The original McClintock was murdered; the transfer of memories destroyed his mind.

Following another appointment, Stahma chides Kenya for her behavior; rejecting Datak was foolish, and might only serve to make him suspicious. Kenya protests; she neither likes Datak nor enjoys seeing Stahma in a bad marriage, but Stahma protests. “You need to play the game better,” she tells Kenya…or else their tryst must end.

McClintock makes a jail-break, stealing Nolan’s gun in the process. He goes to the vista, where Rafe finds him. Distraught–he’s neither human nor Indogene–McClintock hands Rafe Nolan’s gun, then leaps to his death.

Or does he? Rafe is the only witness to McClintock’s suicide. In truth, McClintock has faked his own death, in the hope that he can return to his old (human) life. He finds his wife–now in her 60s–and approaches. They embrace; perhaps she will still love him after all.

Amanda rejects Lang’s offer, much to his chagrin. He bids her farewell, with a final warning about the Earth Republic, even as he laments the demise of their previous relationship. “If you’d had a little faith,” he says, “We’d be a family.”

Nolan confronts Dr. Yewll about crimes she’d committed during the Pale Wars, but, before they can finish their conversation, a woman comes into the clinic and collapses. It’s Viral Hemmoragic Fever…and Defiance has a plague on its hands.