‘Defiance’ Recap: “Past Is Prologue”

By July 2, 2013

Politics has its price, and, in Defiance, the mayoral race has turned into a deadly game.

Amanda holds a memorial for Mayor Nicky at the Need/Want. Datak uses the memorial as a political opportunity; “wise leadership” must be restored in Defiance…and the Earth Republic, he claims, must be involved.

As Tommy and Irisa have sex, Doc Ywell sets off her newly acquired artifact. Irisa cries out in terror; her legs are paralyzed. The Indogene doctor claims to find nothing physically wrong with her, but later re-examines her scans, searching for a connection between Irisa and the artifact.

Stahma remains the mastermind behind Datak’s carefully built political campaign. In Kenya’s ear, she whispers a carefully crafted lie: Datak is planning to have Amanda assassinated. Kenya immediately tells her sister, and Nolan confronts Datak, threatening to kill him if any harm comes to Amanda.

Datak puts Alak through a shaming ritual (the fact that he didn’t force Christie to wear the telo was unacceptable), and demands that his son do something to earn back his respect. Alak must convince his friend to play a prank during the mayoral debate: shooting Mayor Rosewater with a paintball gun.

The Tarrs’ twisted plan plays out perfectly; during the debate, Nolan sees the sniper and preemptively shoots. The Castithan boy tumbles to the ground, dead, leaving Datak in perfect position to slander both the Mayor and her precious Lawkeeper. Amanda declares her unwavering support for Nolan, and Datak plays an incriminating recording over the town radio. Years ago, during the Pale Wars, Nolan had admitted to killing innocent Votan children–and experiencing no regret.

Alak demands to know if his father intended his friend to die; Stahma diffuses the situation by extolling Alak’s bravery in confronting his father. Rafe has his men kidnap and beat up Alak. He threatens to kill his Castithan son-in-law if he ever behaves in so foolish a manner again.

Unwilling to see Defiance fall to Datak and his allies in the Earth Republic, Nolan resigns his post. Amanda balks; she’s planning to defend him. He refuses her offer, and demands that she denounce him instead. On his way out of town, Nolan fights Datak; Irisa steps in at the last minute to stop her father from killing the Castithan. They make a dramatic exit; despite Amanda’s protestations, Nolan is determined to make it look like he’s been kicked out.

Just as they’re about to leave, Doc Ywell sets off the artifact, and Irisa collapses. Nolan hurries her to the medical center, where Doc Ywell sedates Irisa and starts to operate. With Nolan forced to stand outside, the truth is revealed; many years ago, a second artifact had been sealed inside Irisa’s body. Cut open, its tendrils snake up, seeking out its mate.

Irisa awakens and fights off Doc Ywell. She runs into the woods, bleeding profusely and hallucinating. Finally, she collapses. Rynn finds her, and threatens to kill her.

Kenya goes to confront Stahma. She threatens to reveal their affair to Datak, but Stahma claims she has already told him. Kenya has it all wrong; Datak isn’t controlling Stahma. Nor is Stahma in an abusive relationship from which she can’t extract herself; she “loves Datak because of his cruelty.”

Meanwhile, Datak has a drink with Colonel Marsh, who helps him draw up a document to strip Rafe McCaully of his mines and give ownership to the Earth Republic. In exchange, Datak will receive a cut of the mines. All he has to do now is win the election…by any means necessary.