‘Destiny’ Has Become the Highest Selling New Video Game Franchise Ever

By September 18, 2014

After creating the most defining video game franchise of the Xbox platform in 2001, and creating three critically-acclaimed sequels before branching off from Microsoft, video game developer Bungie’s latest project that’s been four years in the making finally hit retail stores and digital download queues last Tuesday. After not releasing a video game since 2010’s Halo: Reach, and never having released a game on multiple platforms before, Bungie and their publishing partner Activision have a whole new reason to smile at their next board meeting: they just released the highest-selling new video game intellectual property (or IP) of all time.

Releasing on September 9th on both new-gen (Xbox One, PS4) and old-gen (Xbox 360, PS3) platforms, Bungie’s Destiny is a highly ambitious first-person shooter with a lot of elements borrowed from massively-multiplayer online roleplaying games (or MMORPG’s, MMO’s for short — if it’s okay to shorten an acronym). The basic premise is that the game takes place in the far future. After humanity experienced a “Golden Age” of exploration and advancement at the behest of a mysterious alien “Traveler,” the benevolent entity’s enemies came calling and completely ransacked and dominated our solar system. With the Traveler now unable to defend humanity itself any longer, elements of its “Light” have scoured the remains of the Earth for Guardians that can wield it, defend humanity’s last city, and take our solar system back from the new enemies we must face. The game takes you into the ruins of old Russia on Earth, to the terraformed swamps of Venus, the red hills of Mars, and even the vast desolation of our own moon, among a few other surprise locations.

A Destiny launch event in Australia shows some happy and eager fans, ready to play Bungie's latest creation.

A Destiny launch event in Australia shows some happy and eager fans, ready to play Bungie’s latest creation.

New reports from the likes of Forbes, Eurogamer, and IGN have all emerged which proclaim that Destiny has become the hottest selling new IP in video game history, with Activision officially stating that the game raked in a staggering $325 million within its first five days of release. On top of the dollar figure, Activision says that players have logged over 100 million hours on the game’s servers by the end of the first week across all four platforms, but oddly enough the publisher decided to leave out exactly how many copies of the game have been sold. As of right now, the only figure on that front comes from Japan, where Destiny has sold just over 140,000 copies. In that territory, it has only been released on the PlayStation platforms.

Be sure to check out GeekNation next week for our full, in-depth review of the entire Destiny experience, after heeding Bungie’s own advice about reviewing the game too quickly. We’ll have had time to go over every facet of the experience to give you an informed perspective, so keep it locked on GeekNation for this and other great content.

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