Dexter Recap: “Do The Wrong Thing”

By November 5, 2012

Desire clouds Dexter’s judgment as he stalks his prey, and Deb finally has a new prospect in her love life.

Desperate to kill again, Dexter looks into Hannah McKay. Wherever she goes, people seem to die. Dead husband? Check. Dead mentor? Check. Poisonous plant that mimics the effects of a heart attack growing in her backyard? Check, check. Even so, Harry cautions Dexter that he has more pressing matters to attend to… and that he might become Hannah’s next victim.

In order to get closer to Hannah, Dexter brings her peace offering: an altered blood spatter report that clears her of any wrongdoing in the Wayne Randall murders. Dexter’s sloppy blood work may not go unnoticed, however; true crimes author Sal Price is investigating Hannah too.

Whether or not Hannah’s a serial killer remains to be seen; she is, however, a serial rabbit poisoner. Dexter finds her in her garden with the dead animal in hand. When she refuses to open up about the death of her husband, all Dexter’s left with is a new plant to take home.

Meanwhile, Sal Price pursues a date with Deb. When he informs her that he isn’t planning to write a book on her relationship with the Ice Truck Killer, she is incensed by the insinuation and turns him down flat. Dexter breaks into Sal’s apartment, searching for evidence of Hannah’s serial killing ways.

As Dexter reads up on the toxicology report of one of Hannah’s potential victims, the murderess herself appears at his door. She comes bearing a new plant for Dexter–a flower that looks oddly like a blood-spattered canvass–and leaves a heap of sexual tension in her wake.

LaGuerta has a new theory on the Bay Harbor Butcher, and Deb is confronted with the knowledge that her own brother was the vigilante killer she let get away with the murder of Jordan Chase. She puts two and two together, and realizes that Lumen was his accomplice and girlfriend. Dexter insists that Lumen will never talk, and Deb is disgusted by his assertion that those killings were performed to assuage his guilt over Rita’s death.

The trouble with the Koshka Brotherhood isn’t over. Isaak easily deflects an attack by a Colombian in prison, but the incident makes him even more desperate to get out. Nadia finds the money hidden in Quinn’s car, and the audience learns that the old Quinn may never have reformed at all. It is only at Nadia’s urging that he returns the money, but it is to no avail. George meets him for dinner in Nadia’s place and demands he steal the blood evidence from Isaak’s case in exchange for the stripper’s safety. Later, Quinn reluctantly pockets the vial from the evidence room.

Batista and Jamie have lunch, where Jamie makes a particularly awkward comment about how disgusting it is for a man to seek out a prostitute (Don’t forget–Batista met one-time girlfriend and Vice Cop Barbara Gianna while he himself was soliciting). Batista expresses his desire to retire from the force and buy a restaurant. Jamie accuses him of being impulsive, so he runs the idea past Quinn. Masuka overhears, and the information quickly makes its way to Deb. Batista describes the way being a workaholic has damaged his life, and Deb reevaluates her own decisions. She decides to take Sal up on his offer for a date.

Dexter pays Hannah another visit, only to discover that she’s already harvested the deadly plant. He carefully avoids his tea as Hannah nostalgically regales him with tales of Wayne’s promises, including an unfulfilled plan to take her to Santa’s Holiday Adventure–the only place to see snow in all of Florida. When Hannah asks him what he’s really after, he tells her that he wants to take her out, which gets misconstrued as a proposition. Somehow, by the end of his visit, Dexter has made a date with his next victim!

Over dinner, Deb persuades Sal to tell her his theories, and he reveals his suspicions about Hannah McKay. Worse, he tells her that his own analyst found evidence that Hannah killed one of Wayne’s victims…evidence that Dexter covered up. Deb, of course, already knows that Dexter has a history of messing with evidence…it probably won’t be long before she puts two and two together here.

Dexter takes Hannah on her dream date to Santa’s Holiday Adventure. The minute she finds peace in the snow-filled room, however, he injects her with his usual sedative and sets up a kill room. When she awakens, wrapped in plastic, he tells her that killing is what brings him peace…and she tells him to do what he has to. He raises his knife above her belly…and then, surprisingly, brings it down on her plastic entrapments instead. He frees her, and, in a shocking twist, the episode ends with the two serial killers having sex on Dexter’s kill table.