Dexter Recap: “Argentina”

By November 20, 2012

Love is a twisted affair as Dexter grows closer to Hannah, and Deb reveals shocking feelings for her brother.

Dexter and Hannah start the morning with breakfast, murder weapons in hand. Hannah chops up herbs, her secret ingredient, and Dexter grabs a butcher’s knife to do some chopping of his own. Somehow the pair survive breakfast, and Hannah reveals her secret desire to move to Argentina (hence the episode title). Breakfast is cut short by a call from Deb, and Dexter goes to her house to talk Deb out of her change of heart. Whereas Dexter once sought Deb’s acceptance of his killing ways, he now frantically scrambles to get her mind off of Hannah. After all, he says, she can barely live with herself keeping his secret. How will she live with the regret of giving him a kill order?

Meanwhile, Isaak gives his police tail the slip. George tries to warn him off his vendetta, but Isaak will have none of it. He drives off, leaving George to place a call to the Koshka Brotherhood and stage a coup. Dexter’s daily donut purchase is interrupted by a hail of gunfire. Isaak misses Dexter’s head but succeeds in massacring an innocent jelly donut.

The timing couldn’t be any worse. Astor, Cody, and Harrison are coming back into town. Deb agrees to take in the kids while Dexter deals with Isaak. Dexter goes to Isaak’s home to plan his kill; unfortunately he’s not alone. The Koshka Brotherhood has sent an assassin of their own and he isn’t willing to share the prize money. The assassin ends up with a slashed throat and Dexter with a crimp in his plans.

Deb pays Hannah a visit in her greenhouse, accusing her again of killing Sal Price. Hannah tells Deb that she’s sorry and that, for some strange reason, she cares what the other woman thinks. As Deb threatens Hannah, LaGuerta goes to the dock where the Bay Harbor Butcher’s boat was housed. She discovers that Dexter moved his boat during the investigation…even though he had eight months left on his lease.

Quinn is in way over his head when George reveals an incriminating tape of him agreeing to take a bribe. Despite his promise to Nadia to stay away from the Brotherhood, Quinn has no choice but to stand as lookout as the Brotherhood moves its latest product.

Deb and Dexter have lunch with the kids at Batista’s new restaurant. During an argument, Cody grabs marijuana out of Astor’s purse, waving it around in the presence of a dozen cops. Deb quickly snatches it away, and she and Dexter follow Astor to the pier for a talk. Though they entreat Astor to give up her habit, it is a thinly veiled metaphor for the dilemmas of their own lives. Deb tells Astor that she may later regret actions that seem like a good idea at the time. Dexter tells her that habits picked up to assuage stress may actually cause more problems in the long run. That evening Deb thanks Dexter for looking out for her.

Dexter pays Hannah a nighttime visit. When he tells her of his problems with Issak, she suggests he get to know the mobster the way he does his other victims. She offers Dexter her van so that he can track down Isaak undetected. Afterwards, Hannah shows Dexter the meaning of a booty call. The next morning, the police are called to Isaak’s house. As Dexter re-enacts the crime for Miami Metro’s benefit, Isaak impishly muses that Dexter “couldn’t have described it better if he’d been there himself.” Leaving the crime scene in Masuka’s hands, Dexter heads off to the beach for some family time.

Astor tells Dexter that she’s afraid her grandparents will find out about her marijuana habit, lest it confirms to them that she is just like her father. Dexter tells her not to let anyone else decide who she is. If he hadn’t believed Harry, after all, he might be a better man. At that moment, Hannah calls Dexter, asking if she can swing by and pick up her keys. Dexter hesitates, but finally breaks down and tells her where he is. Upon her arrival, Hannah is faced with a surprising scene: Dexter’s entire family, replete with a nanny whom she mistakens for his lover. Dexter quickly corrects her error, but admits he didn’t trust her enough to tell her about them. Hannah tells Dexter how envious she is of his normal life, and how she used to dream of a family of her own. Before she departs, she tells Dexter how much she’d like to meet them.

That evening, Deb spots Dexter with Hannah’s key chain. Realizing that the pair are sleeping together, she breaks down and blurts out that she’s secretly in love with him. Dexter sits in stunned silence as Deb sobs about her complicated, screwed up feelings. He leaves her alone, driving instead to a gay bar to stalk Issak. Isaak finally reveals the true reason for his vendetta: Viktor was his lover. He and Dexter share bittersweet stories of lost love, coming to an understanding, although not a lasting truce. At the end of the evening, Isaak goes back to Viktor’s last voicemail, while Dexter returns to Hannah’s arms.