Dexter Recap: “Chemistry”

By November 12, 2012

Dexter’s in a whole new position: naked, on his own kill table, post-coitus…with his would-be victim.

In between kisses, Hannah grabs the knife and holds it to Dexter’s throat. She wants to know if this is how all of his dates end, and he tells her that he kills bad people. She doesn’t deny that she fits that description, and, as round two of their sexploits begin, Hannah drops the knife on the table behind them (how neither of them managed to impale themselves in the process is a mystery to me).

At the end of their date, Sal and Deb discuss the suspicious death of Hannah’s husband. They decided the best course of action would be to get the body exhumed and tested for poison. The only problem? His next of kin has to agree to it. Fortunately, Hannah is not their only option; her husband had a sister.

In the morning, Dexter drives Hannah back to her house. Dexter agrees not to kill her, but they also decide to part ways for good. This new arrangement, however, is complicated by Sal’s untimely arrival at Hannah’s place. Dexter asks Sal to keep silent– his sloppy bloodwork on Hannah’s victim could cost him his job– and the writer agrees…in exchange for an interview about either Hannah’s seduction or Wayne Randall last words.

LaGuerta is still hitting dead ends in her quest to revive the Bay Harbor Butcher case, and Deb tries to convince her to drop it. Unfortunately, as she goes over the list of boat owners in the department, LaGuerta comes across Dexter’s name and pauses. Is she finally putting two and two together?

Deb confronts Dexter about a sloppy bloodwork, and Dexter lies, reaffirming that his findings were inconclusive. There’s no time to dwell, however; the department gets news that blood evidence is missing, and Isaak is getting out of prison. Deb sends a team at the bar in the hope of collecting more evidence, but the sewer has mysteriously sprung a leak.

Meanwhile, Quinn’s in hot water. Batista asks him outright if he stole the evidence, which he vehemently denies. Nadia’s safe for the time being, but George won’t give up her passport, leaving Quinn in a bind. His Koshka Brotherhood problem won’t be going away anytime soon.

Sal visits Hannah at the flower shop, demanding that she give him the truth in exchange for keeping Dexter out of his book. She agrees to an interview the following day, and Sal schedules an interview with Dexter not long after. Dexter meets Hannah in her greenhouse and asks her to let him take care of Sal. As he reveals his code to her, she tells him that she is merely submitting to nature’s code: survival of the fittest. He walks away, but is left pondering whether she might be the first woman to truly understand and accept him for all that he is.

Deb visits Hannah’s former sister-in-law, who agreed to have the body exhumed. Unfortunately, Hannah asked that her late husband not be embalmed, leaving Deb with a worthless pile of bones and is angry, grieving woman. A frustrated Deb grabs a drink with Sal and asks him to have dinner with her again that evening.

Having gone to her house for their interview, a wary Sal rejects Hannah’s offer of lemonade. Chewing on a pen–a bad habit he had exhibited throughout the episode–he turns on a tape recorder and asks for her side of the story. Hannah tearfully confesses to the murder of one of Wayne Randall’s alleged victims, but it’s a crime for which she already has immunity.

In the meantime, Dexter breaks into Sal’s house in search of blood evidence. His plan? To tie Sal to an unsolved murder about which he wrote. While there, Dexter gets the sudden urge to protect Hannah and deletes all of the files on the crime writer’s computer. Afterwards, he goes to lunch, where he is confronted by a newly released Issak. Issak no longer buys Dexter’s story that Viktor’s death was an act of vengeance, and Dexter cockily tells him the truth, multiplying Issak’s anger.

Sal arrives at Dexter’s apartment for their interview, where Dexter accuses him of being a killer. An outraged Sal threatens Dexter–idly, at the turns out, for he collapses onto the table moments later. He is dead before he even hits his head. The police come, and Jamie tells them she heard shouting. Dexter admits that the interview got a little heated, but there’s no immediate evidence of foul play. Even so, Deb orders a tox screen, convinced that Hannah is the culprit.

Deb interrogates Hannah down at the station, accusing her of killing her husband to escape the trap of familial life (she miscarried not long after his death). Her otherwise cool exterior is shaken, and, with no evidence to tie her to either murder, she leaves. Dexter pays her a visit that evening, where she admits to poisoning Sal’s pen– in part to protect Dexter, who reveals he destroyed Sal’s research. Hannah also tells Dexter that she killed her husband because he threatened to leave her if she didn’t have an abortion. Still drawn to one another, they fall into bed again.

While Hannah sleeps, Deb calls Dexter. The tox screen came back clean, Hannah’s taped confessional is revealed, and Deb wants justice… Dexter style.