‘Dexter’ Recap: “Dress Code”

By August 13, 2013

Isn’t serial killer love beautiful?

Dexter awakens by the side of a river; Deb wakes up safe at home. Hannah is back in town, but she hasn’t killed them…yet. What could it all mean?

Deb is understandably spooked; worse yet, she doesn’t trust Dexter to handle it…especially when she realizes he’s still in love with his serial-killing ex. Dr. Vogel tries to reassure her, but she’ll have none of it. Concerned that Dexter isn’t thinking straight, she asks her boss for a tracking device to put on her brother’s car (after, of course, going off on Elway for always standing too close to her and looking over her shoulder).

Meanwhile, Dexter’s attention is split down the center. He has Hannah to worry about, and a new protege – Zach Hamilton – to teach. Unfortunately, he isn’t particularly good at juggling the two, and keeps blowing off Zach – except, of course, when he needs the rich boy’s help to follow Hannah into a club.

He confronts her, and learns that she’s married to a wealthy man named Miles Castner. The two meet; Hannah (now going by “Maggie”) has told her husband all about her past…and Dexter. Things turn ugly when Miles follows Dexter to a gas station and threatens him; he’d rather Hannah go back to prison than leave him for anyone else.

Suddenly concerned for his one-time (serial killing) paramour’s safety, Dexter meets with Hannah in the old greenhouse. She confesses that she only drugged him to get his attention; she wanted his help making Miles disappear. He’s insanely possessive, and living with him is like being in prison. She tells Dexter she’ll take care of the problem herself; she’s still in love with him, and doesn’t want him to do anything that would be bad for him.

Dexter continues to blow off Zach, offering to meet with him and never showing up. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, Dexter wants him to learn patience; he has to wait before he kills again. Zach storms over to Dexter’s house in a fit of rage, pounding on the door. Cassie comes out (she’d seen him with Dexter on a previous night), and patronizingly tells Zach that Dexter’s not there. Zach storms off, with a “fuck you” to his would-be mentor.

Miles is incensed that Hannah and Dexter met again, and sends his goons to beat up our favorite blood-spatter analyst. He tells Hannah that she’s never to leave the boat again, and starts to strangle her. She stabs him in self-defense. Dexter finds her, sitting in shock beside the body; this isn’t her usual MO, and, unlike him, she doesn’t really enjoy killing. He helps her clean up the body, and asks her not to leave town without talking to him first. Deb looks on in the distance: just as she suspected, she’s tracked Dexter back to Hannah…and it doesn’t look like he’ll be “taking care” of his ex any time soon.

Dexter gets called back to a crime scene at his apartment building. Cassie’s been bludgeoned to death, ala Norma Rivera. Did Zach lose control and kill her? With Dr. Vogel’s words echoing in his head, Dexter wonders whether any good can come of two serial killers mixing.

On a lighter note: Masuka and Niki reunite after last week’s debacle, and Masuka discovers that Niki is working in a topless bar. Completely freaked out by “daughter boobs,” our resident (ex?) pervert gets permission from Angel to hire a new part time lab assistant, and offers the job to Niki.