Dexter Recap: “Helter Skelter”

By November 26, 2012

Dexter teams up with an unexpected ally and has a revelation.

Dexter’s out on his boat, the Slice of Life, with Hannah, riding fast and contemplating the fact that he might be in love. He learns that Hannah learned to swim by being thrown into the water by her father. Her life long fear of water gives Dexter pause as he ponders his relationship with Hannah. A page from work interrupts their discourse into Dexter’s own fears.

We learn that the Koshka Brotherhood has sent two men to kill Isaak. He tries to contact the men, but they have already agreed to the contract. He shows up at Dexter’s apartment, trying to forge an unexpected alliance. Isaak offers Dexter his life in exchange for his assistance, but Dexter turns him down.

Miami Metro is covering a crime scene with a burned up car. There is a jittery arson investigator on site who doesn’t seem to want Dexter’s opinion. Dexter pulls Deb aside and tells her that he understands why she thinks he’s in love with her. He tells her that she’s not crazy and that seems to help, but he gets a text message from Hannah and returns home to find Isaak in his apartment. He has kidnapped Hannah and left her with Jurg. Dexter is trapped.

Isaak is a man of his words. He offers Dexter a deal to get Hannah back and leave him alone forever if he assists him in keeping his would be killers at bay. Isaak shares his knowledge of the killers with Dexter. Isaak tries to get to know Dexter and understand why he is a killer.

Dexter goes to Deb’s and tells her what’s going on. Deb tries to convince Dexter to let Hannah die. In the end she agrees to pull the surveillance from Isaak, but not because she wants to help Hannah.

We next find LaGuerta at her former boss, Tom Matthews’, boat. She tells him of her theory that the Bay Harbor Butcher is still alive. He doesn’t appear interested.

Dexter goes to the firing range in order to find one of the killers. He stabs him to death while the would be killer is practicing firing a rifle from the prone position. He meets with Deb to bring her up to speed on his plans. She warns Dexter that he will never be safe around Hannah.

The other killer goes to the strip club and talks to George, who realizes that he should look for Dexter. Dexter asks for proof that Hannah is still alive and Isaak puts her on the phone. Dexter messages himself a picture of Hannah. Isaak continues to try to understand why Dexter kills, but Dexter turns the tables on him by trying to bring out Isaak’s guilt about Viktor’s death. Dexter realizes that he felt a similar guilt over Rita’s death. Through all of this, it seems that Dexter may be in love with Hannah.

Quinn goes to the strip club and finds out that George fucked his girlfriend and throws him through the glass, taking her out afterwards.

While Dexter is close to figuring out where Hannah is being held, he is called to investigate another burn victim. The same accelerant was used. The same jittery arson investigator is there, but appears to be more receptive to Dexter’s ideas. Dexter realizes that the killer is probably wearing a protective outfit. While investigating the crime scene, Dexter spots the other killer and lead him down to the port where Isaak awaits. The second killer is soon sinking to the bottom of the ocean. As Isaak leaves, he is shot by George.

Hannah talks Jurg in picking some tomatoes so that she can cook for them. He clearly doesn’t know anything about her history. Hannah is quite resourceful, putting lots of pepper in the food and uses it to get the drop on Jurg. Unfortunately, she is stabbed in the altercation. Deb, helping Dexter track down Hannah, finds her and Jurg. Hannah has bled significantly. Deb calls for back up and an ambulance, knowing that she has missed an opportunity to let Hannah die.

Tom tracks down LaGuerta, telling her that he wants to help her with her investigation. He wants to be reinstated so that he can get his pension. LaGuerta is receptive.

Isaak is going to die, and asks Dexter for one favor, to join Viktor in the same resting place. Isaak shares with Dexter his true love for Viktor and how that made him free. It is his last breath. Dexter tosses him overboard in the same location as Viktor.

Hannah asks Deb why she didn’t let her die and Deb tells her that it was because she was doing her job. Dexter arrives and Deb tells him that she is going to be fine. Dexter sits at the side of Hannah’s hospital bed and tells her that he has been scared twice. The first time was when he saw his mother murdered and the second time was when he realized that he might never see her again. “I’m not sure what this is, or exactly, what’s coming. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be, out of my control,” says Dexter, as he kisses Hannah and tells her the he feels safe with her.