‘Dexter’ Recap: “Remember The Monsters?”

By September 23, 2013

Dexter: Remember the Monsters? 11

For Dexter Morgan, there are no miracles…and no happy endings.

With a real, human life just within arm’s reach, Dexter’s entire world collapses. Dr. Vogel was right all along: the price he pays for trying to straddle two worlds is severe. And the costs of his Dark Passenger are spread, enveloping everyone in his path.

Dexter: Remember the Monsters? 10

It’s rather fitting, then, that a hurricane approaches, barreling down on Miami and threatening to destroy everyone and everything. For Dexter, too, is a destructive force of nature, and everyone he loves has been caught in his riptide.

Dexter: Remember the Monsters? 9

Deb – the person he loves most – is ultimately the one to pay most dearly for his crimes. Once upon a time, Rita died because he tried to straddle both worlds (keeping Trinity alive to learn from him) and now, Deb too is dead.

Dexter: Remember the Monsters? 2

“You can’t be a killer and a hero. It doesn’t work that way!”

And, in the end, it doesn’t. Superheroes can’t have normal lives…and neither, it seems, can anti-heroes. To save the world, they must always sacrifice that part of themselves. And when they don’t, it is the world that comes crashing down.

Dexter: Remember the Monsters? 12

It is this that Dexter seems to realize at long last. So he chooses to be neither killer nor hero, and becomes a lumberjack instead.

Dexter: Remember the Monsters? 8

It was at this moment that Dexter fans everywhere exhaled a collective “WTF?”

It was not a conclusion that anyone was expecting, but, upon careful consideration, it is an ending that makes perfect sense. Dexter has gone from Monster to Human…and onto something more. His self-imposed exile is his first ever act of pure selflessness, for he has finally seen the trail of destruction he’s left in his wake.

Dexter: Remember the Monsters? 4

Doakes. Rita. LaGuerta. Deb. Who else would pay the price for his freedom?

He won’t allow his presence to destroy the life of his son, whom he leaves with Hannah. Some may question that decision, but with Hannah’s own act of selflessness – putting Harrison’s needs above her own in an emergency – it is clear that she has adopted him as her own. And never let it be said that Harrison will be unsafe with Hannah, who will do anything to protect herself…and, it now seems, those she loves.

Dexter: Remember the Monsters? 5

Before he fakes his own death, however, Dexter must avenge his sister’s. It is his first public murder, and it is a great (and stunning) scene. Dexter brazenly walks into Miami Metro, sits down with Oliver Saxon (who has by now been arrested for a boatload of heinous crimes), and stabs him to death with a pen…right in front of the camera. It is clearly self defense (Oliver takes a stab at him first), but it is a gutsy move. There’s no remorse in Dexter’s eyes, and his calm is telling.

Dexter: Remember the Monsters? 3

Quinn would have done the deed himself, and Batista is more than willing to let it go. But watching the two of them try to process it as they watch the video with Dexter is one of the few comical moments in a deeply depressing episode.

Dexter: Remember the Monsters? 7

Dexter buries his sister at sea. He takes advantage of the chaos of the hospital’s hurricane evacuation, pulling Deb off of life support (she’s in a vegetative state), and bringing her to his boat. She’s finally at peace, and he drops her into the ocean: the last of his many victims, and the first he truly loved.

Dexter: Remember the Monsters? 1

And then it’s into the heart of the storm. The Slice of Life is in ruins and, to the rest of the world, Dexter Morgan is dead. And, with the lifeless shell that remains staring blankly into the camera, perhaps he really is.

Dexter: Remember the Monsters? 6