Dexter Recap: “Swim Deep”

By October 29, 2012

As Dexter plays a game of cat and mouse with Isaak, Deb’s loyalties continue to be torn.

Dexter proceeds with his regular cleanup of the Slice of Life, discovering evidence of foul play. When he tests the evidence, he realizes that it was Louis who was killed aboard his boat.

Meanwhile, Deb learns that LaGuerta has found the bloodslide from the night of Travis Marshall’s murder. Fearful for both her and her brother’s futures, she convinces LaGuerta to let her in on the case.

When Dexter returns home from work, he finds Isaak in his apartment. He tricks the Ukrainian mob boss into leaving, sending him on a wild goose chase to an outdoor café, where Dexter proceeds to call him from a distance. There Dexter tries to convince Isaak that he works alone; however, Isaak believes that Viktor’s death was a police conspiracy. He threatens to go after Deb, forcing Dexter to admit his part in the mobster’s death to his sister.

Deb is predictably furious when she discovers that Dexter tampered with evidence. She makes him promise never to do it again, but isn’t sure she can believe him after discovering yet another footprint his trail of lies. Even so, she has no choice but to follow his lead, even agreeing to stay the night in a motel with Dexter to keep them both safe.

Back at the station, Hannah McKay peruses her ex-boyfriend’s trophies. Despite her claims of fear, Dexter notices nostalgia in her gaze. His suspicions are later confirmed when the police dig up the victims’ bodies. Though the man was clearly killed by Wayne Randall, his wife was murdered by a much smaller individual. All signs point to Hannah, who enigmatically reminds Dexter that she’s been given immunity.

While Dexter is at the crime scene, LaGuerta accompanies Deb to the house of one of his victims: a wedding photographer. Much to her chagrin, Deb spots Dexter in one of the dead man’s final photos. Getting more and more jumpy, she shields the image from LaGuerta’s gaze.

Meanwhile Dexter formulates a plan to take care of Isaak once and for all. Using the feud between the Koshka Brotherhood and a Colombian drug cartel to set the stage for the Ukrainian mobster’s death, Dexter lures Isaak into a trap. Sadly, Isaak is clearly part Terminator, taking out all three Colombians in one fell swoop. Fortunately, however, he leaves behind enough evidence to get him arrested. Dexter pays Isaak a visit in jail, where the mob boss assures him that the cycle of vengeance is far from over.

In a tangentially related subplot, it is revealed that the owner of the Brotherhood–run strip club once paid Quinn to keep quiet. Desperately needing the detective back on his side, he leaves a bag full of money in Quinn’s car. Will we see the return of Quinn, Dirty Cop Extraordinaire? Or is that a part of his past he’d rather leave behind?

Despite the closure of the case surrounding Mike Anderson’s death, Batista insists that Alex’s suicide was a set up. Though Deb knows he’s right, she orders him to drop it, knowing that the true killer was already murdered by her brother. This is Deb’s breaking point; though she continues to keep Dexter’s secret – and even gives him the wedding photograph to destroy – she can no longer be an active part of his clandestine double life. And though she has come a long way since ‘season one Deb,’ there is only so far she can go without sacrificing herself completely.