‘Dexter’ Recap: “This Little Piggy”

By July 30, 2013

“The family that kills together,” stays together.

We find Deb and Dexter sitting in Dr. Vogel’s living room, neither one willing to speak. Dexter is angry; Deb is confused. Vogel tries to explain that Deb has finally hit rock bottom and can now begin to recover, but Dexter is too furious to listen. After all, his sister tried to kill him. He storms out, and proceeds to ignore Deb’s calls the following day.

Norma Rivera’s killer is still out there, and Quinn suspects that it was her boss, Ed Hamilton, with whom she’d been having an affair. Captain Matthews cautions him not to do anything rash; Hamilton is a generous donor to Miami Metro. Still, Quinn has a warrant to test Hamilton’s DNA – there was semen found in Norma’s system – and he and Dexter arrive at Hamilton’s house. Hamilton admits to the affair, but insists that he didn’t kill the maid. His son, Zach, slinks in from the background; later, he sidles up to Dexter and asks about his findings. Zach insists that his father, while “an asshole,” isn’t a murderer. Can the same be said for him? A vendor near Norma’s house later places Zach at the scene of the crime, but someone buys him off before he can talk to the police.

Masuka’s daughter asks him to buy her lunch at the station’s food truck. With Quinn’s words about hidden agendas ringing in his head, Masuka goes to Deb, asking her to run a background check on his daughter. Deb agrees, but asks whether or not it really matters. After all, she says, it’s better to have family than to be alone.

Yates smashes Dr. Vogel’s window and leaps inside, kidnapping her. He takes her to a different residence (not his own), where he proceeds to rant at her for her involvement in his brain surgery years earlier. Teary-eyed, Dr. Vogel asserts that she was only trying to help. We learn that Yates had an abusive mother – perhaps the source of his psychopathy.

Unaware that he is the Brain Surgeon, the police are searching for Yates nonetheless; he has now been tied to the attempted murder of the woman Dexter rescued. They find an assortment of bodies buried under rose bushes in his backyard. Deb appears at the crime scene, asking for Dexter; she went to see Vogel, only to find her place trashed. She tells Dexter that she needs him to help her find and rescue Vogel. Dexter balks – not because he hates her, he says, but because it’s too dangerous.

Dexter agrees to help Deb find Vogel, but first he must weasel his way out of a double date with Jamie, Quinn, and Cassie (Dexter’s new neighbor, played by ‘One Tree Hill”s Bethany Joy Lenz). Jamie insists he stay for dinner, but when Deb calls with a list of possible hideouts for Yates, he asks Cassie to help him make his exit. She does, and they agree to try dinner again some other time.

Yates prepares to break Dr. Vogel’s toes, just as he did to his other female victims. Leaving behind all attempts to reason with him, the psychiatrist takes another approach: she plays ‘mommy,’ calling him by his full name, expressing her disapproval…and hitting him several times across the face. He is momentarily cowed, but finally snaps back at her. He leaves the room to get tissues for his bloody nose, and Vogel frantically places a call to Dexter. He doesn’t pick up in time, but Vogel leaves the line open. Hearing her pleas over the phone, Deb calls Elway and asks for his help tracing the call.

Just after they complete the trace, Yates catching sight of the glowing phone. Enraged, he ends the call, leaving Dexter and Deb to fear the worst. They arrive at the house, finding the downstairs empty save for a few drops of blood. Upstairs, they find Vogel tied up in the hall closet. Dexter catches sight of Yates hiding under the bed, and he rams a curtain rod through the mattress, impaling the Brain Surgeon. That night, he throws Yates into the ocean…with Deb and Vogel watching.