‘Dexter’ Recap: “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”

By July 15, 2013

Dexter wakes up to Harrison wailing in the middle of the night. A sticky, red path dots the floor to the bathroom. Is it blood? Dexter is relieved to discover that it’s merely the remains of a box of popsicles that Harrison ingested. He gives Harrison some Pepto-Bismol and laments his inability to fix Deb’s problems so easily.

Meanwhile, Deb is caught by the police with open bottles of liquor in her car. They bring her down to the station and she calls Quinn. He lies to Jamie, claiming he’s going to work; instead, he helps Deb out of her DUI and drops her off at her office.

The police arrive at Sussman’s cabin, but the body has been moved. No longer hanging outside, Sussman is inside, the crime scene restaged to make it appear that he shot himself in the head. A package arrives on Dr. Vogel’s doorstep; two boxes, his and hers, with pieces of brain inside.

Quinn tells Dexter what happened that morning, and Dexter meets Deb at her office. He demands she meet him for dinner; she agrees in order to make him leave. Elway and Deb take on a new case; a woman reluctantly asks them to find out if her husband’s been cheating on her. They easily get the money shot, but their client refuses to believe it’s really her husband.

Dexter tells Dr. Vogel about Deb, and she wonders why he hasn’t killed his sister. After all, she herself gave Dexter a bit of wiggle room by insisting that the first rule of the Code be “don’t get caught.” He tells her that he loves Deb; she doesn’t believe it can be the same kind of love that non-psychopaths experience. Dexter continues to fret over what he’s done to his sister’s life, but Dr. Vogel cautions him against trying to fix Deb’s problems; after all, she reminds Dexter, he is at the root of their cause.

Batista tells Matthews that he’s putting Quinn up for the sergeant’s exam; Matthews laughs in his face. Later, Batista becomes angry when Quinn has difficulty studying. Over dinner, he lets slip that there was no police business that morning. Jamie is furious; Quinn admits he was helping Deb.

Dexter continues to go through his list of Dr. Vogel’s former patients and settles on Ron Galuzzo, a psychopath turned mall kiosk salesman. He sneaks into Ron’s house, where he discovers an array of human body parts in the refrigerator; Ron’s kitchen is his kill room, and he is a cannibal. Even Dexter’s high tolerance for the macabre is tested by this scene; he is visibly disgusted upon finding a finger in a pot of soup. Still, Galuzzo isn’t the killer; he has an entire (undamaged) brain stored in his fridge; it’s a delicacy, not a message.

Dexter meets Deb for dinner. He shows her a man enjoying dinner with his family; it was a man she once saved during a firefight at a club. He tries to convince her that she’s a good person, but she’s further haunted by the bad she’s done. The next day, she walks into the police station, drunk, and confesses to Quinn that she killed LaGuerta. He hurriedly escorts her to the interrogation room, unplugs the microphone, and calls Dexter.

Dexter arrives with Dr. Vogel, and, while Quinn’s out of the room, he sedates his sister. He brings her back to her house, and asks Dr. Vogel to help Deb heal. In the meantime, however, he has work to do; Galuzzo may not be stalking Vogel, but he’s still a monster who needs to be put down. Angrily, Dexter admits to his victim that, in his own way, he too is a cannibal. He’s consumed everyone he’s ever loved. And, perhaps, when he stabs Galuzzo, he’s letting out his anger toward himself.