Dexter Season Eight Trailer Shows Downward Spiral

By May 19, 2013

If you haven’t seen it yet, now’s a good time to watch the first official trailer for Dexter’s final season.

In last season’s shocking finale, Debra Morgan turned her gun on Police Captain Maria LaGuerta…and now she’s paying the price.

LaGuerta’s death may have solved all of Dexter’s problems, but Debra’s downward spiral is only beginning. Last season, Deb was popping anti-anxiety meds to deal with the revelation that her brother was a serial killer; this time, she’s got a plethora of pills, an ocean of alcohol, and cocaine.

Deb’s role in the police department is anyone’s guess; Masuka inquires after Deb, even as she sits outside Miami Metro, drinking in her car. She later claims to be working a case; if she’s still working homicide, the evidence suggests that she lost her position as Lieutenant. She’s got a new boyfriend–and, by all appearances, he’s bad news.

Meanwhile, there’s a new serial killer in town…and a new expert threatening to expose Dexter. Dr. Evelyn Vogel is a renowned neuropsychiatrist, and she’s poking around, asking questions about the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Dexter’s out of control: he’s strangling men in broad daylight, stabbing them amidst scuffles, and slamming Dr. Vogel against a wall, demanding answers. Still, our anti-hero may still have some good left in him: he’s shown saving a would-be murder victim.

By the end of the trailer, Deb’s ready to make a statement. Whether it’s about Dexter, LaGuerta’s murder, or her DUI (yes–Deb’s been driving drunk) is anyone’s guess. She’s bleary-eyed and barely functional when she walks into the police station.

Regardless, her relationship with Dexter has been destroyed. “I shot the wrong person in that trailer,” she says–and while Dexter may be perfectly content to kill, she isn’t.

Dexter returns for its eighth and final season June 30.