Did ‘Luke Cage’ Crash Netflix? Probably Not

By October 10, 2016


Luke Cage fans would love to tell you that the popularity of the Marvel series was so huge and unprecedented, it literally crashed Netflix.

However, while Netflix did indeed have an outage around the same time Luke Cage premiered, viewer statistics collected by SymphonyAM suggest otherwise.

Netflix itself keeps viewer numbers close to the vest, but SymphonyAM is an app that resides on some smartphones which tracks what people are watching by the sounds it picks up. They might not be the most scientific numbers, but when the company compares the first five days of Luke Cage with other Netflix originals, the series was not No. 1.

It wasn’t even No. 2.

With a viewership of more than 3.5 million adults under the age of 50, Business Insider says Luke Cage is actually ranked fifth.

Stranger Things, which debuted on the subscription streaming service last July, actually had better numbers in its first five days, drawing in 3.9 million viewers.

In fact, if anything would crash the system, it would be a show probably no one would ever suspect: the comedy Fuller House. Yes, believe it or not, that reboot of the 1990s sitcom, drew a whopping 8.7 million viewers — double that of Luke Cage.

And Luke Cage is not even the most popular Marvel show, according to the app data. Instead, that distinction belongs to Daredevil, which attracted 4 million viewers for the start of its second season in March.

Netflix won’t talk about what happened to the streaming service at the end of September. But if Luke Cage had anything to do with it, at least the people tracking viewership numbers would be surprised.

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Michael Hinman

Michael Hinman

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