Disney and Jon Favreau Reuniting For Live-Action Remake of ‘The Lion King’

By September 28, 2016

Disney has been on a trend of doing live-action “reimagining” of some of their more classic films for quite a few years now, but in 2016, the studio hit not one, but two home runs with Jon Favreau’s live-action remake of The Jungle Book, and David Lowery’s fantastic new take on Pete’s Dragon. Both films managed to not only provide breathtaking visuals for audiences to enjoy, but also gave us interesting and enthralling new twists on the classic tales.

It’s well-known that Disney and Favreau have already been hard at work on a sequel to The Jungle Book as well, but it looks like the studio and filmmaker may be focusing their efforts on yet another live-action reimagining, and this time, it might just be of their most beloved or at the very least, most popular 1990s animated film.

It has been announced today by Disney, that the studio and Favreau are currently working to fast track a new live-action version of The Lion King, based on the beloved and critically-acclaimed animated film of the same name from 1994. The announcement also confirms that the studio and director are working on a Jungle Book sequel currently as well, with no release dates set for either project for the time being.

After managing to bring the world and animal characters of The Jungle Book to life with astonishing precision and visual flair earlier this year, I’d say that Favreau is probably one of the only filmmakers working today equipped with the skills to not only give us an interesting new take on The Lion King, but who is also able to balance the technical and visual demands that it comes with. Especially since unlike The Jungle Book, Favreau won’t have a human character to base his story around this time.

In the continuing live-action remake and reimaginings in development right now, it’s clear that the studio is starting to slowly begin delving into their 1990s films, which arguably contain their most beloved animated films to date, and with Beauty and the Beast set to hit theatres later next year, we may be entering into the most ambitious phase of this trend yet.

Similar to The Jungle Book, the new film will apparently include a number of songs from the 90s classic as well, so prepare to see a couple of mo-cap animals and actors give their own spin on “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” probably too.

The Lion King does not yet have a release date.

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