Disney Confirms Third ‘Cars’ Film and ‘The Incredibles 2’ Are in Development

By March 18, 2014

Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke a little about Star Wars earlier today, but one of the other big announcements to come out of his shareholders meeting is that Pixar is planning a third installment to Cars and a sequel to 2004’s The Incredibles is finally in development.

Yeah, yeah: Cars is great and all, but I want to talk about The Incredibles!

Since 2004, fans have been asking and begging for a sequel to the film that introduced us to Bob, Helen, Dash, Violet and little Jack Jack and because Variety reports that Iger has confirmed Brad Bird – writer/director of the first film – is back to write the sequel, I feel like I can breathe a HUGE sigh of relief. I also appreciate that Disney didn’t just move on with a different writer/director and slap dash some kind of half-assed sequel to appease (and possibly anger) fans. The first Incredibles film grossed $631 million, and their character figurines for Disney’s hit video game, Disney Infinity, are always in demand.

(Editor’s Note: For what it’s worth, Variety seems to be the only outlet at this point that’s reporting that Iger said Brad Bird would be writing The Incredibles 2. Other sources say he mentioned Bird is breaking the story for it, not that he’s actually signed on to write the script. Just wanted to clarify things a little bit.)

And just in case you think the COO of Disney doesn’t know what he’s talking about, the announcement was also made via Disney/Pixar’s official Twitter.

Don’t expect the sequel to pop anytime soon, though. Bird is working on the Incredibles sequel script while directing the Disney sci-fi live action adventure Tomorrowland (co-written by Jeff Jensen and Damon Lindelof) that stars George Clooney and Hugh Laurie. And since THAT film’s release date is May 22nd, 2015, I would guess The Incredibles 2 will hit theaters a couple of years after that.

In the meantime, Disney’s giving some of its previously-released films the 3D treatment, including The Incredibles and Ratatouille – not sure why they’re doing Ratatouille, because Janeane Garofalo’s French dialect is so incredibly bad, I need subtitles whenever I watch it (which isn’t often).

I’d like to see Frozone (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) in the sequel but I swear I will riot if THIS fashion maven doesn’t return…


…but like Edna says, “Darling, luck favors the prepared.”

Who would YOU like to see return for The Incredibles sequel?

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Cricket Lee
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  • Kristin T Medina

    Ditto on the whole Edna thing. Baby Jack would be cool too. Let’s see if it happens.

  • Timothy W Williams

    How Son of Syndrome and an all out baby fight! That would rock. I am excited about Cars 3 though.

  • Tony C Farfan

    Frozone Rocks! He was my absolute favorite. Cars 3 may not be necessary.

  • MrPrisco

    Yes I’m excited for Incredibles 2 to be made.

  • Michael I Payton

    I’m not too sure about the Incredibles 2 but I am almost certain that Cars 3 will be a hit. A whole new line of merchandising also.

  • Carter J Hock

    Gimme the Incredibles 2 anyday. Cars will be all about the toys anyway. Go straight to video and save us the 20 bucks.

  • Jerin Jonson

    I`m not a big fan of Incredibles 2. But I do want to see Cars 3 ASAP.

  • Cricket Lee

    cars 2 was so ‘meh…’